Made in England


It is twenty years on since Only in America. Milly is married to Mitch with two daughters and living the writers dream in LA. But three movies down and the beginnings of a career plateau, she is in need of inspiration.


Step forward, her oldest and best friend, Jonson Clarke. Married to Anna, with three kids and living in London, Jonson’s life continues to be a series of colourful mishaps. Trouble just finds him and most recently in the shape of a priceless violin. Left on the London underground by its troubled owner, a beautiful young virtuoso musician called Sidhu. Of all the Londonders using the tube this Friday night, who should stumble across it, but Jonson Clarke. Jonson is on the TV news and in the newspapers. The story mushrooms and brings Milly back to London, reuniting old friends for a fabulous new adventure of unrequited teenage love with a supporting cast of billionaires, a world-renown violinist, unscrupulous journalists and corrupt private detectives. Made in England is a comic caper and a beautiful love story. Written with wit and verve, it is a compelling read, providing laughs, cheers and a euphoric ending.

Holland writes books that are unashamedly feel-good. Stories that make readers feel happy. Made in England is a wonderful novel that can serve as an anti-dote from the last few extraordinary years. Written in lockdown but without a single mention of Covid 19. A timely novel for anyone wishing to escape and feel good about their world.


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