Takes on Life vol.2


31 easy-to-read essays on his life and yours, although his life is not so normal. At the very least, it is unusual. He has more children than is probably sensible and his family life creates somewhat unique circumstances. Meanwhile, trouble seems to find him. He has a knack for getting things wrong and an unerring ability to find awkwardness in almost any situation. In this volume, he fearlessly relives his childhood blighted by a disease that might have killed him (if he’d had it). A sales career derailed by an errant bowel movement and a comedy career blown off course by a leg of lamb. A vast array of mishaps and incidents providing fertile pickings for the second volume of this life changing series of books.

In these febrile times, this is a book that everyone needs. A book shining a light on the wonder of the human spirit and a book with the power to heal.

These essays will make you smile, possibly laugh, and frequently think. But most importantly, they will make you realise that your life could be worse. Much worse.