2015! Can’t wait…

It is that time again. Time when we all take a little moment to reflect on the previous year and possibly regret what we have not managed to sustain or achieve – and if so, then to look ahead with some optimism – real or imagined?

I start every year with an abundance of determination and enthusiasm. For me, every new year is the same. They all start out being THE year where for me everything is just going to pan out perfectly.

And this year is no different.

Indeed – 2015 is going to be truly awesome.

And although history tells me that it won’t be – experience tells me that 2015 will be an awful lot like all previous years (some highs and many lows) I have a sneaky suspicion that 2015 might just be my year. I can’t say why. Just an inkling I have and I will enjoy recounting the highs (mostly) and the lows (seldom) over the weeks and months ahead on this blog.

Happy 2015 to you all my readers and visitors – and please be warned now that my 2015 is going to be sickeningly awesome – and in all likelihood, much more awesome than anyone else’s year – but there we are – it’s like I said, 2015 is going to be the year of when Dom Holland finally gets all his shit together and finally the world sits up and…



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