A call to tweets…

A quick post to say thank you to all the people who helped with the third event for The Brothers Trust. Tom headed to LA the day after the draw and today, the signed figurine of Tom was picked up from our house and is now on its way to Poland. Congratulations to Julia. Over £15,000 was raised and Nikki now has the invidious task of apportioning this money to various causes.

Recently, here in the UK, charities have been in the news for the wrong reasons. Rest assured, that The Brothers Trust will only grant money where we are satisfied that it will help people directly and the money is used appropriately.

Many of you will be familiar with James Dunn who we have met through establishing our trust. James suffers with a wretched condition called EB. This morning, James appeared on UK TV to talk of his fight and his campaign – and his short interview can be seen here


James uses distraction to combat the constant pain that his drugs cannot adequately account for. Meeting people like Tom and the Countess of Wessex at Buckingham Palace is precisely the sort of distraction that quells his pain. And also, I know that James, like so many of us is now beholden to social media, so if you wouldn’t mind, we could give James a great boost if everyone reading this post could give him a twitter follow @JaysSnaps23

I know he would enjoy ‘virtually’ meeting you all and you too will get a great deal in return; namely a share in his great fortitude and disposition.

Many thanks to all Tom’s fan once more.

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