A happy full circle…

Seems a long time ago now that I was playing in a ‘celebrity’ golf match for a charity founded out of the hospital where Tom and his brothers were all safely delivered – and from here, the work really began and as yet, hasn’t stopped…

At the time, the casting of the new Peter Parker was fairly advanced and Tom was down to the last 4 hopefuls.

Back to the golf match and I remember explaining to a lady from the charity about Tom’s chances and if he is lucky enough to be cast, then I promised that he will make a hospital visit to the patients who the charity supports.

A few weeks later, driving to a gig in Cambridge, Tom called me with the news that I was now Spider-Man’s dad. Fortunately, I was parked up at the time (not that I answer my phone whilst driving!) and instantly I made a flurry of phone calls, including to the lady from the charity.

It’s taken a while since that phone call but I am delighted that this first visit will take place next week. Nikki will be on hand to take photos and record the event and we will post a blog on thebrotherstrust.org

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