A happy reunion…

To the Langham Hotel in London this week to hook up again with James Dunn for an event to raise money for Debra. It was a The Great Chefs Dinner led ably and very generously by Michael Roux.

We sat in an ante-room with James and his mum, Lesley – and with no time pressures, it was lovely to catch up and especially so for Tom and James.

I don’t know James very well. Indeed, I have only met him on a handful occasions and yet we all feel a connection with him and his noble cause. Tom had to get off to a Bafta thing (as you do) and later James went on to make a great speech in the ballroom and even delivered with aplomb a joke that I included for him. The evening went on to raise £85k – in no small part due to the appeal that James made I am sure.

No funny ending or content to this post. I just wanted to share this happy reunion and the good news that James and Debra are getting on with what they do.

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