A money story for us all

Money is always an emotive issue.

Those with too much against those with too little and the intractable arguments this creates.

Too much tax, too little, too expensive, something for nothing…

People will never agree on financial issues or stories until some security deposit boxes in Hatton Garden are raided.

And then we can all agree.

Because the whole episode has been transfixing.

The cunning and daring of these old school villains. The timing. The hapless police and the possibility that some copper was on the inside – the inevitable film that will appear and not to mention the eye-watering haul of course.

Just a leisurely withdrawal from a bank over a bank holiday weekend using wheelie bins of all things.

And when the figure was announced that it accounted for some £200m from only 70 boxes – I’m confident that practically all people reacted in the same way as I did – GOOD. Bloody right, get in, rich fuc… 

The only thing the story lacks at present is not the perpetrators held to account but the owners of the clobber being revealed. Let’s have a look at the types of people who have jewellery that is too good for a sock drawer or top of a wardrobe? 

Whether this borne out of jealously on my part or resentment or whatever – but I do know that I like this type of wealth redistribution – which is far more effective than when politicians try to do the same thing – which brings us full circle to arguing about money again…

And so it goes on – with the heist as a little entertaining interlude along the way…


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