And they’re back…

It is a millennial’s rights of passage these days; to do some travelling and take in the world.

And a moment too for the parents to see their little birds fly off in to the unknown (with their money) and hope that they will be safe and return home with great experiences, tales to share and of course, washing!

I have missed our twins but there has been upsides to their travels. A fridge that has food in it. Being able to get in to my house without overcoming an obstacle course of discarded basketball trainers, even though neither of them play the bloody game. And, generally a quieter house has been calming and very welcome.

Traditional with all trips aboard is the purchasing of presents for the family members and in particular, those family members who have shelled out for the trip.

Imagine then, my reaction when Sam handed over my gift; two bars of soap.

Sam handed them over while Harry had the good sense to hide.

Sam even thought to leave the Thai price on – taking the ethos – it is the thought that counts to a whole new level – given that at 150 thai baht, we are talking, barely, 3 English pounds.

This soap, in exchange for their 6 week trip, qualifies it as THE most expensive soap on earth.

I had a bath last night but I daren’t use it.

Can’t afford to…

Good to be a family of six again.

Sort of…

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