Billy Elliott rekindled…

This weekend sees the 10th anniversary of Billy Elliott the Musical – a show that has changed a lot of young people’s lives – none more so than my eldest lad, Tom.

And mine too, now that I come to think of it – for the experiences alone it has given me and my family – not to mention the stuff that might lie ahead.

Anyway, when Tom played Billy in the show, he was lucky enough to coincide with the 5th anniversary and he got to play the lead in front of Sir Elton John and other luminaries for what was an incredible evening for his family and friends and this weekend – for the 10th anniversary – Tom and other previous Billies are returning to the show in some form for one performance only.

As I type, I am in Hong Kong doing a gig and I am grateful that I decided leave as soon as I am done – and not take up the kind offer to hang out in HK for a few further days – because it now means that I will be able to catch Tom in the show.

Not live – as in, in the theatre – but relayed lived to cinemas across the country. Nikki and I are taking his brothers and I figure Nandos will feature somewhere as well.

The whole Billy experience for my family came as a fluke. My son had never danced really or even had a speaking part in a school play when he was spotted out of the blue. And from here – excuse the cliche, but the whole thing has been a whirlwind taking in red carpets and movie stars – all of which has been a great privilege and has left an indelible mark on family Holland.

I blogged about it all at the time – and also scribbled it down in to a kindle book called – how tom Holland Eclipsed his dad – available via this site – and if readers reviews are anything to go by – it will at least make you smile. Not bad for a couple of quid.

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  1. Brad says:

    Hi Dom. Been a while but lucky I checked in to do some proof reading LoL. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but Tom and the others were back at the VPT for the live recording of BETM. Thankfully the 10th Anniversary is not until 2015 – thankfully because I am planning to tie in a trip overseas to visit London around the 10th Anniversary season and I’m sure Tom and some of the other great cast will be back for that big celebration. (Not my appearance in London bahahahahah but Billy’s 10th birthday)

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