Bob Mills Rocks…

Been asked a few times to be interviewed with Tom – and have always said no – for different reasons but chiefly because I’m conscious of appearing opportunistic.

But today, doing a pre-record with my old mate Bob Mills for his Sunday night show on TalkRadio – with Tom being home – it made good sense.

I’ve gigged with Bob for 28 years. During my early days of playing The Comedy Store, Bob was one of my favourite hosts, along with Tim Clarke and Lee Hurst. Closing a late show – hitting the stage at 1.30am – you need a trustworthy host and there is none better than Roberto Mills.

And so of course, I trusted him today for my first ever interview with Tom.

And I was right to do so.

It was a lot of fun and you can listen yourself this Sunday evening at 9pm on TalkRadio.

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