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Browsers are very welcome to this site – to mooch around and hopefully get something that they are after. The site has become extraordinarily busy in the last month – so much so, that my engineer type people are telling me that we need a larger server – which I suppose is flattering – until I establish that it costs more money – and so it would be nice if some of these extra visitors could pay their way by buying the odd book! 

There is a range to choose from – old novels, Only in America and The Ripple Effect

how tom holland Eclipsed his dad – how my son got to do what he does now (a true story that is hard to believe, especially for his dad)

and A Man’s Life – the latest and best novel so far by yours truly.

Those interested in the blog, eclipsed, please feel free to read at your leisure. I am not going to take it down from this site as some people have suggested. The blog chronicled the lives of TH and DH since filming ended on The Impossible  – and the book accounts for how it all happened.

Main thing is – please enjoy this site,

thank you.

4 thoughts on “browsers welcome

  1. Lynne Mendoza says:

    Thanks for leaving the whole blog up there. It’s quite different to the book in many ways and I like to be able to go back and read about some of the events “as they happened”.

    And yes – everyone go buy the book/s. They’re terrific. I couldn’t put any of them down (although I’m yet to read The Ripple Effect – saving that for an upcoming plane journey). A Man’s Life made me cry more than once.

    I continue to be intrigued and delighted by the ongoing “Eclipse”. And now that darn cold has gone I plan to finally see “The Impossible” ASAP.

    • Dominic says:

      hey lynne, thanks mate – glad that eclipsed connected us – grateful to you for making noise about the books – lets see if that word of mouth can kick in – had some nice texts and comments – but the stuff on twitter is very tomcentric and I never know whether or not to take it seriously,

      I must one day put on the blog how I came up with the story for A Man’s Life – which you will not believe…

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