A bust is perhaps the ultimate sign of a truly great man. Churchill has one. Dickens. Shakespeare of course and now me.

So why then, am I less than happy with such an honour.

Earlier this year, hosting a charity quiz for Lunch Bowl – a charity that The Brothers Trust supports – someone thought that it might be fun if the various teams made a clay model of their host.

Said person (Heidi Gomes) also thought that it might be funny if one of these busts was fired in a kiln for eternity, posterity and complete humiliation.

This bust does have some cache since it happens to be the one completed by Tom – and was presented to me in gift wrap, complete with bubble wrap, presumably to protect it from being damaged?

To be fair to Tom, his work of art didn’t fare too well in the firing process – and nor would Mrs Gomes if I had any say in the running of The Brothers Trust.

Fortunately Nikki runs The Brothers Trust and she agrees with Heidi that the bust is hilarious and a worthy addition to the artefacts that adorn the Holland house.

The quiz was a raging success and no doubt they will want to do another one in the years ahead. And of course, they will need a host again. And when they ask for my services…  it will be me laughing and not them – which could be a metaphor for my career and where I’ve been going wrong.

Happy Easter everyone.

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