But I’m a blogger…

Nikki often accuses me of not laughing enough and if this is true, then I put it down to my profession. Perhaps, I am unwittingly studying why something is funny rather than just enjoying it.

Maybe so – but I still push back of course. I state firmly that I laugh plenty – just not with you!


I am joking btw.

But it is certainly true that I rarely laugh out loud watching films. Especially so when my boys recommend an apparently funny film to me. I’m no prude but the gross out tendency of modern comedies like Horrible Bosses and Knocked Up leave me cold and so too the modern ultra-cool films like The Favourite which somehow critics regard as hilarious.

That said, when I do laugh out loud watching a film – it is probably noteworthy.

Some actors do comedy very easily. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Steve Carell and the much maligned Adam Sandler. I watched Uncut Gems recently and the auction scene had me chuckling along.

And I add Robert Downey Junior to this list, also.

I don’t know which film I am about to reference – which is poor parenting because my son appears in the movie and is even in the blinking scene.

I can only approximate. It is either a Spider-Man or Avengers film – but which one, no doubt, my readers will enlighten me on.

The scene then…

Tom and Robert are dressed normally. Tony Stark (RDJ) is about to introduce Peter Parker (TH) to a press conference that he has organised. Mr Stark explains that through these doors, the world’s press are assembled.

“…the room is full of proper writers. No bloggers.”

A line that is barbed and disparaging to people like me – but nonetheless, it made me howl and stayed with me.

RDJ is a funny man – a fact I have on good authority from all my boys and I wonder if this line was an ad-lib, which is his way and something Tom can attest to.

And what then are bloggers – who apparently are not proper writers.

A blog is basically a platform for anyone without an official channel. A TV or radio show, a newspaper column or a publisher.

In the past, I have had all of these glamorous outlets – but no longer.

And so my blog is my opportunity fo me to remain heard. A blog allows the everyman (or every-person?) to circumvent the gatekeepers who have dispensed with the likes of me and you.

But most blogs have an ulterior motive and usually to propagate our wares. As such, I am guilty as charged. My blog is a vehicle to sell my books and my gigs. And nothing untoward here. After all, we all have to eat.

And with this in mind, I am delighted now to allow one of my readers to complete this blog post for me.

By way of introduction and explanation…

I am always pleased to read reviews of my books. It is heartening and encouraging (poor reviews aside) and is  best demonstrated by an email that we received via The Brothers Trust – regarding Open Links – from which all the proceeds go to Anthony Nolan and their life saving work.

Audrey Lehrer writes very well and makes the point better than I could – so I defer to her now and thank any of you who respond to her review by using the link to purchase Open Links – and more generally, thank you also to all my readers of this blog.

Name: Audrey Lehrer

Title: Open Links

Review Title: The Spectacular Moment

Number of stars (out of 5): 5

Review: Wow. I think that is the only word that can really describe my experience with this book.

I never had a second thought about buying Open Links in order to support the Anthony Nolan Trust. Having lost several people in my life to various kinds of cancer, I am grateful to organizations such as the Anthony Nolan Trust that have made it their mission to conquer cancer.

I will fully admit though, I did have some second thoughts on whether or not I would enjoy the book. First, off, I have not read for a while and am a graduate student with a full schedule. Did I even have time to read this book? I also know next to nothing about golf having had little exposure to the sport throughout my life.

In the end however, I was curious. At the end of the first chapter I was hooked. Six days later I finished the last sentence with a satisfactory smile and tears in my eyes having just read a story that was so much more than I expected. The way that the character’s individual paths connected throughout the story was just wonderful and the ending was perfect. I felt as though I had been transported to a different world. A world for the record, where I loved golf. I applaud Mr. Holland’s ability to incorporate the nuances of golf into a riveting story about life’s surprising moments.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Trust me, you will find a character to connect with and you will embrace the world that this book holds. Once you pick up the book, prepare yourself for an amazing read.

Thank you again to the Anthony Nolan Trust for your life saving work and to The Brothers Trust for opening up my eyes to all of the amazing people who are fighting to make the world a better place. Finally, thank you to Mr. Holland for writing this book and giving me “my spectacular moment” of the week. I look forward to reading your other works and re-reading this incredible story in the future.

(Sent via The Brothers Trust)

Click here to purchase a copy of Open Links






9 thoughts on “But I’m a blogger…

  1. Team says:

    I completely agree l don’t laugh as much as others at the newer movies and find alot of them try far to much which then to me comes across as unfunny, l much prefer dry humour and. Little one liners are key to a good laugh
    As for the movie Ashlee says it’s from spiderman
    By the way on a side note we have 2 days left of our UK holiday and we have absolutely loved every minute of it, such a beautiful country you have
    but think you need a vacation to Australia some time soon

  2. Pamela says:

    I purchased the book because I, too wanted to help Anthony Nolan’s cause! I have never played golf and I wasn’t sure what to expect with the storyline! I was hooked right away and couldn’t put it down. When asked by several friends if I have a book to suggest they read next, I tell them about Open Links!! A teacher friend wants to borrow my copy of the book! Is it bad that I’m afraid to loan it out because I don’t want it to get lost or worse ruined in any way!! She might have to wait and purchase her own copy when it becomes available again! Continued success with your books!! BTW the scene is from Spider-Man Homecoming!!

  3. Elisa says:

    I’m really grateful to Audrey Lehrer because thanks to her I can see my thoughts written down. I’m not good at writing – especially on English, I never know what I’m saying when using this language – and so far seems that the two of us had lots of similar thoughts while reading this great book.
    I bought it with the mere intent of helping since my only way to contribute saving lives is through economical donations, but had no idea what to expect from the story. I really had no idea what I would find. What I can say now, after having devoured (pardon, read) it in two evenings, is that this is a masterpiece. Due to work lately I hadn’t been able to read, and this was the first book of the year for me, an amazing way to start!

    May I add that I’m another difficult-laughter. Really few jokes make me truly laugh, and movies… Not really a fan of them, not easy to find one that I can appreciate and that makes me laugh hard. But I have to admit that being in six at home there are always lots of brand new jokes or situations able to bring happiness all around. My lucky? Being an optimistic person, with a nearly permanent smile – even if bad days are on – makes me enjoy every moment of my life.

  4. Avery Wickersham says:

    There aren’t very many movies that have me laugh out loud as of late except for the new Jumanji movies with Kevin Hart and the Rock. They are absolutely hysterical together, so I highly recommend them, more so as a challenge to see whether or not you laugh! Jokes put aside, I aim to review every one of your books when I finish them, but so far, you don’t have a bad book–I doubt it’s even possible. Your books are filled with amazing story-lines, wonderful characters, and humor that is subtle, yet incredibly effective (I actually laughed out loud in “I, Gabriel,” and all the people in the hair salon looked at me strange). I am in the prologue of “Open Links,” and plan to share my thoughts when I’ve finished!

  5. Erin Hayward says:

    I laugh a lot, and I mean A LOT. Most often seems to be at home when my mum is playing Tetris or Mario kart because she just makes then strangest noises possible, just cracks me and my brothers up to the point of tears! Been finding it hard to laugh recently what with me being ill, but hopefully once I’ve recovered I’ll be back to finding laughs in everything!

    Aiming to grab a copy of ‘open links’ at some point, already got ‘I, Gabriel’ and have been enjoying what I’ve been reading in there! Making small steps to get myself into reading as I never have been much of a reader before! Anything you’d recommend?

  6. Elizabeth B says:

    Hey Dom, I believe the scene you’re talking about is at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming when Tony is about to introduce Spider-Man as an Avenger but Peter turns it down and eventually it becomes an impromptu proposal for the press.
    I received my copy of Open Links recently, I can’t wait to read it because the reviews are high. Thank you for highlighting important causes like the Anthony Nolan charity. You know, you should consider writing more novels inspired by the different charities the Brothers Trust supports. No pressure though, just an idea!

    Also, as far as comedy goes, I think that today’s climate believes that the more raunchy a film is, the funnier it is. Some movies that make me laugh are Just Friends, The Emperor’s New Groove, and Hot Rod. But then again, it also depends on whether you’re watching movies alone or with an obnoxious group of people. One movie I just don’t understand the hype is Nacho Libre. I tried so hard to laugh but I just found it noisy.

  7. MJ says:

    Love your blogs!
    Can’t agree with mr. Jr.
    Is it possible to buy any of your books in Spanish?
    By the way… love also your TED talk. Congrats on everything.

  8. Audrey says:


    Thanks for another great blog. I am dating myself, but the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies. (Especially the moat scenes) are my burst out loud silly movies. More people should watch those. Just saying!


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