Dry and Smug

Okay, so how much more rain can we take?

This is a question that almost everyone is asking, me included. But my greatest hardship due to the rain is the fact that my local golf course is shut. I know, it’s awful…

And like most people I am fixated by the pictures of our inclement weather.

I can’t imagine anything much worse than being flooded. And Englishman’s house… ‘And it’s not just water you know – it’s sewage’ is another thing commonly spouted about – (no pun intended)

But as the rains fall and fall and the misery continues for too many people – millions of us are watching the news at home with out feet up (and not because they have to be) or feast on images on-line without really understanding how awful it must be.

And I write this little piece – not as a guilty admission – but because although I risk the wrath of those poor devils who have been flooded, I figure their broadband is most likely to be down, so they won’t be able to read this…



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