6 thoughts on “DVD Trailer

  1. Alex Goodman says:

    Love the imaginative scenario of the ‘butterfly stroke.’ As both a young aspiring film-maker and competitive international swimmer, I once did an open water competition at Southsea Portsmouth where part of the race consisted of the butterfly stroke. Thankfully it wasn’t for the whole race though.

    Currently reading ‘Eclipsed’ – very interesting and fascinating story. Saw The Impossible – superb film. Tom’s performance also superb.

  2. Keith says:

    Hi Dominic,

    My wife and I were in Pinner on Sunday evening, (yes, you know where?) and as semi-regular attendees at various comedy clubs, we both thought that you were nothing short of brilliant and we agree that you made the evening for us, with your dry, subtle and straight-faced style of delivery.

    Thanks again and remember, whatever Tom has done and continues to do with his life, (may he go from success to success), the hardest job in the world is to make people laugh and at that, you’re a star!

    Cheers and thank you again.

    Keith & Beverley

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