Eclipsed Easter Giveaway

Well, if not a giveaway – then at least an offer on the p & p of Eclipsed.

Here at the Head Office of Eclipsed (my house) the staff of Eclipsed (me) have been looking at ways to reduce the p&p for readers – particularly for those living in the postal district called ‘Rest of the World’ or anywhere outside Europe.

I have put calls in to various world couriers but hanging on the phone to call centres, ironically in places usually in the ‘Rest of the World’ – I have lost the will to live and so in lieu of finding a permanent solution, I am making a flat fee p&p offer of £6.50 to anywhere outside the UK until Easter Sunday or April 16th.

This might well enrage people in the ‘Rest of the World’ who already have their books, but I figure that they probably won’t realise – so please no boasting on twitter!

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