Fake news and for the record…

Who knew that I might start making the news?

Albeit fake news in this instance – as spawned from my last blog, ‘Stormy Waters’ which has elicited many headlines and conclusions and all them, entirely false.

As I said in the post – like Manuel in Fawlty Towers (a ref for UK readers only and of a certain vintage) “I know nothing” – and my only speculation remains, that Spider-Man will go on saving people and keeping us all entertained.

In fact, Tom Holland’s dad has not even spoken with Tom Holland since this seismic story broke and he certainly is not taking any sides, he is not calling for any boycotts and he will not be storming any offices anytime soon.

These headlines are just click bait. A salacious headline to create website traffic.

Which is shameful and not something I would ever stoop to – until I consider that I posted a blog on the subject knowing that it might increase traffic to my site…

So, am I any better?

Maybe not.

But I am not so stupid that I would ever do anything to compromise my family – and involving myself in something so far above my pay grade immediately springs to mind.



9 thoughts on “Fake news and for the record…

  1. Lauren says:

    I agree, the media speculation is rapidly taking over, people believe everything they read. Everyone should wait and see and allow all involved to set the records straight. In other news I started I, Gabriel so far it’s great.

  2. Avery Wickersham says:

    I wish the media would at least quote you correctly. It’s disheartening that they’d take your words and spin it to sell more stories and make more money. We have this blog, so at least I know I can come here for what you say and it’ll be your words, not the media’s.

  3. Jay Cline says:

    Glad I searched your name instead of Tom Holland’s dad and found this instead of waves and waves of countless articles you’re son has given me so much joy watching Spider-Man brung to life and I’ll be a fan where ever they take him

  4. Dan R says:

    It’s so disappointing to see the media produce these false stories, as well as people online believing this and being so quick to anger. I bought eclipsed last year and struggled to find the time to read it. I’ve since found the time and the only vibe I’m getting is that of a proud parent poking fun at himself. Whilst reading I see much of my own father, and although he passed 9 years ago when I was 11, I believe that he would think similarly of my own successes albeit on a much smaller scale to that of Tom’s. I can’t thank Dom enough for giving a small insight into the brain of a father that seems a little similar to what I can recall of my own. However, after taking the opportunity to watch Dom perform at the comedy store last Saturday, I’ve decided that he’s a little bit funnier than my father was (and I will be recommending him to everyone)! The media/twitter storm surrounding Spider-Man and the book will pass but the impact Dom has had on myself, and many others I’m sure, will remain.

      • Dan R says:

        I’ll make sure to say something next time! I can imagine it being scary as I definitely couldn’t stand up in a room full of people and do that, although it certainly didn’t show in your set!

  5. Kim says:

    Thanks for the post. I have really enjoyed your perspective as a parent through and through. My kid is only 4, but I must say your blog has helped me think about my wants and desires for him, and what support of him will look like as he gets older. I appreciate you!

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