Fame at any cost…

This might have been a career mistake of mine (I have made many) but I have always accounted for my family in my odd job choice. As a young stand-up comic I was mindful of my parents and never wanted my act to embarrass or humiliate them. Similarly with my girlfriend, Nikki, now my wife of course and mother of four.

And so it continues now with my oldest son, Tom and not wishing to embarrass or compromise him. Writing a blog and occasionally appearing on TV or radio, I will temper my opinion or just not comment because I don’t want Tom to ever be judged nor have to explain himself for something his old man has said.

And with this in mind, I come to the remarkable Johnson family, headed up by Stanley and determined it seems to become our nation’s First Family. Obviously, they a family of great ability and varying levels of fame; from the very to the quite. But it seems that they are a family of vast ambition; perfectly at ease with all of them having a public role. But that said, who could ever have imagined that the dad would agree to appear on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here? He sent all of his kids to the world’s most expensive schools, so presumably he doesn’t need the cash and so it must be the allure of notoriety that he craves? Perhaps he is miffed that his kids have Eclipsed him and he wants a boastful Xmas lunch where he finally has the most column inches of Q4 2017.

And one kid in particular of course, who happens to our Foreign Secretary; one of the most important offices of State of our great nation. Surely, Johnson Snr might think that now is not the time for eating bugs on TV and squabbling with other ‘celebs’? Did his son’s very important and public job even factor in his deliberations? I suspect not. Apparently, he never even consulted him.

Many will argue that our Foreign Secretary is embarrassing enough on his own without the efforts of his narcissistic old man, even if he plays the posh buffoon card in the jungle which we all know is within the Johnson skill-set.

Nothing surprises me anymore about ‘celebrity’ culcha.

He will probably to go on and win the bloody show but I certainly won’t be voting for him because I won’t even be watching!

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