Family life of an unusual family…

Over the weekend, Sam and Harry shared with us some anecdotes of their world trip that they took together earlier this year – organised by Harry and paid for by mum and dad – and with ample spending money for them to have fun, remain fed and watered and see them both safely home.

On reaching Thailand, the boys are pleasantly surprised by their luxurious and almost opulent hotel – complete with an infinity pool and swim-up bar but with prices beyond them and more than their old man had budgeted for.

With insufficient funds to partake and enjoy the facilities, the twins are reluctant to call in more cash from home and so what are their options?

Tom, of course.

There must be some benefits of having an older brother and one with a proper job.

‘And didn’t he promise us some money for our trip anyway?’ Announces the ever-opportunistic Harry.

‘No, I don’t think he did.’ Answers Sam.

‘Bloody hell, Sam, just phone him. It’ll be better coming from you.’

A little reluctantly, Sam gets out his phone but Harry is not finished with instructions yet.

‘Tell him we’ve just checked in to a hostel and that we haven’t got enough money for food!’

‘But won’t he want to know why we’ve run out of money…’

‘Sam. We’re in Thailand, it’s five pounds a beer in this joint. Just make the call. And remember, it’s a hostel, not a hotel. Which is only adding a single letter, so its hardly even a lie…’

Tom is in his on-set trailer in Georgia, USA and is pleased to hear from Sam.

‘…so anyway, Tom, we’re in Thailand (emotional attachment here because of Tom’s first film, The Impossible) and we’ve just checked in to our… hostel and for some reason, its very expensive, so we were wondering…’

‘Do you need some money?’ Tom asks.

Yes, this is good news.

Sam gives the thumbs up. Harry is jubilant.

‘Sure, how much do you need?’

This is a big question and Sam gives it some consideration and then makes a unilateral and dumb decision.

‘Er… a hundred quid…’

Harry’s face falls. A hundred quid? Sam, what the hell? A £100. He’s Spider-Man. Harry frantically shakes his head and begins pointing upwards. Sam gets the message but as it turns out, not all of it.

‘No, no, two hundred…’

At this, Harry almost passes out. His face is manic. His index finger is straighter than ever and pointing repeatedly to the heavens.

‘No, no… er, three hundred.’

Harry almost grabs the phone now – but thankfully, there is no need.

Tom is wanted back on-set and needs to cut his brother short.

‘Okay, how about I send you £500 – just so you have enough?’

‘Thank you Tom. That’d be great.’

And no sooner do the funds clear, what is the first thing that these reprobates do…

They hire jet skis, of course…



Eclipsed is the story of this normal family – which became less normal when the eldest son got a lucky break and ending up becoming Spider-Man. Eclipsed can be bought on this site and via Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Family life of an unusual family…

  1. Natasha Wilson says:

    This is brilliant! Hopefully my acting career can kick off and I can supply my families audacious requests also! You’re family seems so lovely. I bet Thailand and the jet skis were incredible.

  2. Isabel says:

    OMG! I literally just started reading this book and as I read this I am even more excited now! Your family is so amazing and funny, I laught out loud reading this. Hopefully I am able to meet you guys one day. ❤

  3. lisi says:

    honestly Tom sounds like a great big brother and Sam seems so reluctant in lying to him, and Harry’s basically just ‘he’s spider-man, he’s fine’ I almost died laughing. Thanks for the laugh Dom!

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