Feminists Take Aim

There is a certain irony to bullies taking aim at soft and easy targets as was perfectly demonstrated by the feminist outcry over a remark by Peter Allis – the much admired and respected octogenarian golf commentator.

His crime was mentioning the words ‘women’ and ‘kitchen’ in the same sentence for various people to be outraged and call for his old dinosaur head.

Would it have been sexist had Peter mused that Mrs Zach Jonson – on her husband winning the Open and millions – that she might buy herself some new tools for her garage?

I am a little late to this debate – an opportunity missed perhaps – given that Peter Allis is a friend of mine and a man who appears in my latest novel – in which I lampoon the political correctness that blights us all.

But I come to write this now – because this morning, my wife declared that she loves her house and in particular, her kitchen and yesterday I had a meeting at Selfridges in the West End.

Feminism has long confused me based on the fact that as animals, we are genetically programmed to procreate – and as such, most people do so. Most people are parents and as such – men and women are almost always on the SAME side – and so the differences between the sexes is a strength and not a weakness. Men are better than women at certain things and vice versa and this creates a synergy where the couple are stronger than the two individuals.

So when feminism is the demanding that men and women are the same in all areas, this is not something I agree with and furthermore, it makes no sense.

Not that some pernicious sex discrimination doesn’t occur and this shouldn’t ever be tolerated but why don’t feminists take on bigger and more worthy targets of such discrimination – which brings me to my meeting at Selfrigdes this morning where women in full Burkhas outnumbered the women with their faces on show.

I’m no cleric – but my understanding is that Islam requires women to ‘dress modestly’ – and so how has this been corrupted in to cloaking women entirely in robes and too often in the sinister and unsightly colour of black.

This situation of covering the female from head to toe seems to be wholly at odds with a modern world. There is constant talk of the need to integrate people in to society but how can this ever happen when the female is not even allowed to be seen?

On a summers day – doesn’t it enrage the feminist to see a man in a short sleeved white shirt while his wife is under a full length black cloak complete with mask?

But I wonder if western women fare much better on the scale of crimes against the female given how we venerate the beautiful. How many plain women get to be sports broadcasters or news readers? Watch Sky News or Sports for a day and see if you can spot what all the women have in common?

False eye lashes. False boobs. Ruinous and arthritic high heels. Fake tans. False nails. False Hair. Bleach. Shaved bodies. Botox…

It seems to me that feminists have loads of big targets to take aim at and much bigger and more important ones than Peter Allis and his kitchen remark.

6 thoughts on “Feminists Take Aim

  1. David says:

    What a narrow minded cretin you really are Dom. I’m astounded that a pasty middle-to-late aged “man” like you has yet to develop any form of intellect. I feel sorry for your wife. Imagine being married to a man that thinks he, as a pasty white man, can have any thoughts about a religion that he knows absolutely nothing about.
    I will be sure to tell my muslim neighbours that they must dress a certain way because a failed comedian, who is being eclipsed by their son in more ways than one, thinks women dont deserve autonomy on how they should dress.

    • admin says:

      Thank you David for this insight. As far as I am aware, my wife remains happy but on reading your comment, I will check with her especially since our 25 year anniversary is looming. Regarding the religion I know nothing about – I rely on my observation and that I imagine such garments are never actually chosen by anyone to wear. Your issues on my age and my pasty face are unkind but noted. Equally, calling my intellect in to question, reminds me of my old school reports, so fair enough I suppose. Failed comedian is a very subjective criticism but compared to a few comedians, I agree with you – but compared to a far greater number of comedians, I disagree. And eclipsed by my son – agree with you completely on this. And I expect this number of children out-performing their old man to be added to in the years ahead and nothing will give me greater pleasure.
      Other than that, good on you.

  2. Eugenia says:

    Perhaps consider if you know little about a religion, do not publicly post inflammatory comments on it?

    I’d like to let you know that as someone who has studied Islam for nearly 16 years now, the attire of women following this religion is often misinterpreted. There are five pillars of Islam, in which a person much follow these to meet the bare minimum of being a Muslim. None of those pillars include the concept of “hijab” or modesty. Secondly, the so called sinister black color of the outfits are a cultural/personal choice and no way mandated legally or religiously. In fact, a women isn’t recommended nor encouraged to cover her face with a niqab or burka. If she chooses to follow modest attire, her hands and face may show. She may choose to wear bright, patterned, silk, or whatever else.

    Men, too, have a concept of “hijab”. It is not as restrictive clothing wise, but it’s a behavioral guide so to speak.

    While I find most of you blogs insightful, this article was offensive, uninformed, and ignorant. I strongly encourage you to research before posting a strong position on a sensitive concept.

  3. just a local says:

    not all muslim women are crazy overed head to toe, it is a choice. as a muslim myself i find it very arrogant to assume this. we can wear what is considered “normal attire” but just because we don’t go out in shorts and tank tops does not paint us as anti-feminist and such. so please do more research before talking about a subject you do not know much about.

  4. Sarah says:

    Why was this article even written? What point were you trying to make? It would help alot if you did your research on a topic, specifically religion in this case, and maybe even talked to some scholars before you go on writing about what women should and shouldn’t be doing.

  5. Marianna says:

    I agree with you, Mr Holland. I also think that feminists should focus on other things like encouraging women to work on their confidence, their self-image, realizing their worth. Women battle insecurities far more than men. But I can’t hear much talk about it!

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