Free-Bee Gee-Bees

“How the f*** did this movie get made?”

This is a question we have all raged at the screen – big and small.

It happened to me most recently watching Snakehead, the latest glitzy must-see from  Netflix and heavily leaning on its two stars for our patronage. But alas, their best efforts are in complete vain.

That hollow feeling of yet another evening wasted – precious time in our finite lives, time  that we can never get back. I managed only half of Snakehead but I still felt cross with myself and I thought of the suits who signed off on such tripe.

This is the essence of Only in America – my debut novel which is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon. A fictional story inspired by my experience of writing and selling screenplays – without ever hearing, ‘Action.’

I got close a couple of times. Rights sold. Directors attached, movie stars and studios sniffing about… only for it all to collapse like a house of cards – the full story of which is loosely the spine of Eclipsed – and therefore a very welcome and unexpected upside.

Furthermore, any disappointment over my forays into film was quickly salved by the story it provided me with that I called, Only in America.

A screenplay being filmed (or not) is really just a factor of good fortune and serendipity – a script at the right time hitting the desk of a Big Cheese with the power to say, ‘Yes. Shoot this.’

But what if this were to happen by complete accident?

And what if this occurs unbeknownst to the unsuspecting writer.

And the LA Big Cheese thinks that his people have developed this script?

What then?

A manic chase in LA and a search for this unwitting genius writer. A modern day Cinderella story with a script for a slipper. A comedy of errors and a love story with an ending to make the spirit soar.

Only in America has been pivotal in my life and career. The advent of my writing and still informing my output two decades on, with the release of my latest novel on July 3rd 2022.

Made in England, is the sequel to Only in America.

My heroine, Milly and her friend, Jonson are reprised for a new trans-Atlantic adventure.


Only in America is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon. Do please download it and share this momentous news with all and sundry who you think might enjoy this story.

Made in England is published worldwide July 3rd, 2022. Saying ‘worldwide’ makes it seem very grand and proper. However, this is just an illusory ruse. You see, Made in England is independently published (by me) – via the internet which as you might is worldwide – as in, world wide web (www) and so anything published online is implicitly available worldwide!

Made in England, available this Sunday, all over the world…


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