Get this…

Very early this morning, I’m half asleep. I say half asleep because I probably need a pee but I’m in denial – a situation not helped by the rain lashing down outside.

Then an alarm goes off – and its not good. It feels way too early to get up and this means my day ahead is going to be unproductive.

But its not an alarm – but a phone. Nikki’s phone is ringing and being so early, she grabs for it with a start.

It’s 5am. Who calls at 5am?

Er, our eldest son does. He is calling because he has just landed in Singapore where its a beautiful day and he wants to share the view from his hotel with us.

At 5am?

Won’t it be the same view 5 hours later?

“Oh, sorry. I forgot about the time difference. My bad”.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, when he said “I am no genius…” he really meant it…

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