Having the time…

Only in America is a phrase that resonates well enough; a nod to the unique culture of America and its hold over the world.

But if America is the first world and LA is its premiere city, then it is no surprise to see such opulence? Every second car here it seems is something noteworthy and in the Tesla, the Americans finally have their own world marque and a car to unnerve the luxury makes of Europe. Californians certainly love them anyway as it seems that Tesla is the most popular LA ride.

Killing time today, while Tom has a meeting, I wondered past a watch emporium. I’m not terribly interested in watches. I already have one and it keeps time perfectly but my eye was drawn to the ubiquitous David Beckham who has leant his name to a brand. The power of advertising eh? Beckham is striking his familiar pose of ‘doing a pooh’ look, the watch he is wearing is somewhat lost against his heavily inked arm and hand but no doubt, they’re flying out of their expensive boxes.

The shop has one of those bell entry systems. Probably as much to deter browsers like me as much as armed robbers? And mostly, these bells do deter me but today, something comes over me. I ring the bell and the awkward wait commences.

Inside, an assistant is very LA. I’ve been here a week already, so I can say this now. Tall, skinny and achingly self-important, he drags his eyes from his screen and considers the prospect at his door. On any number of parameters, he doesn’t look impressed.

Maybe it isn’t his job to open the door but even if it was, this dude was not budging. He stares at me – his best cold look and then with shrug a of indifference, I am dismissed, his eyes back on his screen.

It’s a rejection at 30 feet and through toughened glass but nonetheless it’s a direct hit. It’s a look that this guy has down, a weapon he can draw in an instant, bitch!

So, a little embarrassed, I don’t wait and I get on my way. And fair enough, I guess. I might have the time for his shop but I don’t have the means.

But then I start to wonder? What if I were to return later? But this time, bring Tom with me.

‘Hey Buddy, you remember that scene in Pretty Woman? When Julia Roberts gets snubbed in a store?’

I don’t do this of course. Although I do tell Tom and he wonders if maybe the shop hadn’t opened yet – in which case, his derision is justified and I take it all back.

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