I am a warrior…

Largely, there are three categories of comedians…

Cat 1. Those trying to be as funny as possible.

Cat 2. Those needing to be seen as being clever.

Cat 3. Those wanting to change the world and comedy seems more fun than politics. These ‘comedians’ tend to make points rather than jokes.

I am firmly camped in the first category but maybe I am limiting my horizons.

Back in the day, my ‘sell-by dates’ on food routine was a go-to piece of material…

“…eat by is so definitive. Eat by the 15th! No grey area. Eat-By the 15th. After the 15th, it’s just too risky… you could die. But then you get Best Before – which is just so much more relaxed. Best Before the 15th, afterwards… take a chance… Like bread, Best Before the 15th… I think you’ll find, Bread is best before the green spots arrive..

There was more stuff, but you get the gist.

It might not read so funny now but it used to bring the house down. Punters loved it but no matter, the more worthy artists of Cat 1 and 2 might sneer at such light fare of a subject.

But now – years later, Tesco and other goliath retailers have realised the absurdity of their sell-by dates and have moderated their policy to prevent food waste.

And yes people, I am claiming this victory as my own. And no matter that I have not done this routine for over a decade. I did it on telly, (The Brian Conley Show, ITV) and on the radio (The Small World of Dominic Holland, BBC Radio 4). I saw it first. I put it out there. And by doing do, it was me who has brought the mighty retailers into line!

I am a comedy warrior.

I am changing the world in my very subtle and quiet way…

This year in Edinburgh, I will perform my new show, The Glory Year where I will continue on with my quest.

I can guarantee laughs and also with no mention of Trump or Brexit – but my show will still resonate and probably also have a seismic impact on our lives – but in a decade hence and I am unclear in which area…

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