I was in the money (almost)…

I write this blog with mixed emotions; a little pride, a degree of fury and frustration but ultimately, with resignation.

Long term and regular readers of this blog are to blame but not at fault. It is popular you see, this blog of mine, now almost a decade old. Frequently, I meet people who read it and it always surprises me and cheers me in equal measure. When I post a new blog, I can see my readership numbers increase. My analytics provides a useful graphic of the world map which shows me where my readers are and each bleeping dot is most welcome, like a beacon on a cliff top.

With this popularity, a bright spark suggested that I should monetise my blog. And being a red blooded capitalist with mouths to feed and bills to pay, my ears pricked up. Make money from my blog. Tell me more!

A blog that is popular – is of value to brands with companies willing to place adverts on the site and naturally, they pay for this exposure.

Blimey. What’s not to like?

My blog is essential to me. In lieu of ever getting back on television – my blog is my platform and my stage from which I can sell my wares; my books and my stand-up.

And as well as this, if my blog can also chip in with a contribution to Team Holland, then bring it on.

So I readily signed up to google ad-sense. Or more accurately, I paid a clever young man to do this for me. No doubt, you will have noticed the ads on the site and some of you might have even clicked on them. This is highly exciting for me and a further incentive to write even more appealing and compelling blog posts – and wait for the money to roll in!

Or not.

My site more normally generates an ad-revenue of between £0.50p and £2.00 per day. A paltry amount in isolation but it is odd how quickly we adjust and rationalise our circumstances. Glass half full guy that I am, quickly I start to extrapolate forward… taking an average of £1/day, is £365/year. Not bad. Better than nothing. The car insurance perhaps? Or driving lessons for Sam. Almost two gigs at The Comedy Store, the biggest comedy club in the UK…

Not to mention that this is just a start.

What if my writing improves and I generate more readers? What if I blog more regularly? Every day even? What if the £1/day could become £3/day which is almost £1000 year –  which of us wouldn’t fancy a pay rise of £1000/year?

And then last week, I wrote a blog called – Why Me? A story of being tormented by foxes and why as I write this post now, I am sitting at home and wearing only one slipper.

This post was popular. It has 61 comments ( a record for me, thank you all) and generated a large readership – and ad revenue being commensurate with readership, my revenue for a single day spiked and reached…


Now. Given that I had adjusted my expectations to enjoy even £1/day – you can only imagine my glee at this breakthrough. I began to extrapolate again and this time with more dreamily… maybe we could move house! To a home with land. As I write my highly lucrative blog, I seek inspiration from my views of the lake…

But then it all ended.

Google have frozen my account.

They wrote to me explaining that they are unhappy with my site and its traffic. That something is untoward. That I might have been clicking on adverts myself. Or asking my readers to do the same. Or promising my readers gifts if they come to my site. It has been two days since their decision and since then, I have earned £0.01p/day and not even me can see the sense of looking ahead with this kind of multiple.

Actually, I did. Old habits and all that. Per annum, my blog is now not even worth a pint of beer in my local pub.

Frustrating, since I have done none of these things and doubly frustrating because of course I cannot speak to Mr or Mrs Google or whatever pronoun they prefer.  Nor can I reply to their email to protest my innocence and point out their mistake.

My instincts are to throw the towel in. Give up my blog and give up trying to confound the publishing industry by selling books on-line. But I won’t do this. I will carry on doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome – which I am aware is itself, a definition of madness – but so what, better to try than to give up, surely.

And even with my account frozen, I will still follow my read numbers – but as a personal win if not a monetary one anymore.

And if any real life people – actual human beings who work for Google should read this post – and correct this injustice – and in the meantime, I will keep tapping away and hoping as before.

Onwards people.




48 thoughts on “I was in the money (almost)…

  1. Delayla Bess says:

    How frustrating! Regardless, I’ll still be here reading every time you post & wondering how google made that absurd decision ‍♀️

    • Matt says:

      Ah sorry to hear Dom, you write a superb blog and I always enjoy a read of it (usually on the train or when looking for something stimulating), it’s always an enjoyable and hearty read! Keep on keeping us entertained! 😉

    • Deedee says:

      Dear Mr Holland,

      I fully understand your frustration with Google’s ridiculous AdSense thingy. It’s irked a lot of people, myself included, mainly because I don’t get the content I want to access, rather it suggests the insipid dreck and sludge currently clogging the channels. I say speak up, state your case, and fight this thing to the bitter end. I am an avid reader of your blog, love hearing each funny, delightful episode of your remarkable life, and loved watching your comedy gig online at the Edinburgh fringe festival. I also intend to purchase your books this week. Please don’t get despondent. I know a lot is happening at the moment, but you can never have too many fans, I guess. I’m sure the matter will be resolved in good time.
      Warm regards,

    • Rosell says:

      A mí me fascina leer su blog, lo leo siempre, aunque es la primera vez que comento.
      Espero y Google solución este problema, ya que es usted una persona correcta.

  2. Audrey says:

    Bummer Dom.. as a newbie to your writing and blogs I hope Google gets it together to be part of your work.
    Keep writing, your followers are growing.
    Onward, always!

  3. Robin B says:

    How ridiculous! And unfair to be accused of doing something untoward and having no way to defend yourself! I’m happy, though, that you are still continuing with your blog because I get immense joy from reading it.

  4. Stonks says:

    As a new consumer of this blog, I have highly enjoyed your stories and posts. I hope Google understands soon. If not, then it seems you are simply too good for them!

  5. Gülem Sara says:

    When it’s about earning money from what you like doing, there are always problems everywhere 🙁 Sorry to hear this Dom! I hope they get it fixed. Love being your reader from Turkey. Keep writing!

  6. Shaina D says:

    Dear Mr. Holland,
    That is quite annoying. I would recommend reaching out to google yourself and explaining what has happened. I would be more than happy to testify that you were not nudging people to press the ads.
    Anyway, if your blog doesn’t make you any money, it still does give people (including myself) a load of happiness. I always look forward to hear about what new crazy thing is going on in your life- it seems as though you live quite the exciting tale!
    Please keep up with the blog- even if google decides its only worth .01$, its worth a whole lot more to be.
    Best regards,
    Shaina D

  7. Sydney says:

    Well that’s extremely frustrating. I started reading your blog not to long ago and this is really a bummer for you. I admire your ability to look at the bright side of things though(even if you can’t even get a pint of beer after a year)

  8. Shaina D says:

    Dear Mr. Holland,
    That is quite annoying. I would recommend reaching out to google yourself and explaining what has happened (I myself am having trouble with technology, I think that I have already posted this comment but it is not showing up). I would be more than happy to testify that you were not nudging people to press the ads.
    Anyway, if your blog doesn’t make you any money, it still does give people (including myself) a load of happiness. I always look forward to hear about what new crazy thing is going on in your life- it seems as though you live quite the exciting tale!
    Please keep up with the blog- even if google decides its only worth .01$, its worth a whole lot more to be.
    Bestest regards,
    Shaina D

    • Aviya Avrahami says:

      You are so right! Google should have never done this to you.. Please don’t stop writing.. your blog makes me laugh every time! Thank you for that!

      • Lauren says:

        Dom, please don’t stop writing your blog. I enjoy all of your life’s joys and tribulations. I have also read most of your books, reading I Gabriel now, loved them. Hang in there !

  9. Melissa Card says:

    I always look forward to your blog entries. Sorry to hear about Google. Hopefully they will
    Come round and change their decision. Stay strong and keep writing!

  10. Melanie Lafleur says:

    How frustrating… Love your blog and your style of writing… Just finished Eclipsed and I’m about to start with A man’s life. Keep up faith

    • Dom says:

      A Man’s Life – being written so long ago now, its writing might be somewhat agricultural – but its my best story to date IMO and inspired by so many real events in my life too. Thanks for coming to it. I would ask you to review my book/s but I’m now scared that my computer might explode as result and my books will be extinguished!

      • Pamela says:

        Since I started reading your blog, I also started reading your books! I have read Open Links, I, Gabriel, and Eclipsed! I am currently reading A Man’s Life. They have provide many hours of enjoyment! Naming your boys after mobile phones was hilarious! One of my sons was given a name. It wasn’t nearly as enduring. Not only did he never sleep, but he would throw up all of his feedings which became a vicious cycle because just when he stopped, it was time to feed him all over again! My husband named him Lucas Pukas!! On the bright side, he was a happy baby! He now is an industrial engineer and flies Blackhawk helicopters for the US Army!
        Please continue to write, as you can see from all the responses, we truly enjoy it!

  11. Kayla says:

    Google has been on the clean streak for awhile. First YouTube & now sites affiliated with them. It’s not you but the others in the past who have duped their numbers & brought themselves the revenue by meticulously clicking ads & making themselves look popular. It’s the one bad apple scenario. A tell old as a time like Beauty & the Beast or Blobby on Noel’s House Party. It just stinks that honest folks are now getting read the riot act & having to wait for the winds to turn in their favor. There’s others who are making videos & then getting penalized for the same reasons are you. It’s not fair especially after all the hard work. To give up is easy, It’s not rocket science. To fight & stand your ground is the more difficult road but it’s the one to be on.

  12. Katie says:

    I vaguely remember reading about a class action lawsuit in regards to this back in 2018. While I don’t remember all the specifics, I’m sure you could Google it ☺️ I came across your blog due to my daughter liking you son. However, I find it very witty, smart, and interesting. I really like the one where you made fun of you son for not wearing socks with shoes. As parents, it is our right to tease our kids

  13. Liz R says:

    That’s insane! The blog does what it’s supposed to do marketing-wise (with respect to the advertisements, clicks, etc.), and they pull the rug out from under it?

    I hope you’re able to get it sorted out somehow. It’s hard enough to make money as a writer, artist, actor, comedian, etc., without having to worry about how much LESS you’ll make when you become more well-known. Good grief.

  14. Vicki G says:

    Dom, I would definitely try and google a solution (which is what I do for all my online maladies, even though I’m 24) maybe there’s a forum or online chat which could help?

    Until then, I hope you manage to keep up the charisma that emanates through the blog! It’s a regular haunt of mine! If only my life was worth writing about.

  15. Emily Siler says:

    Oh my Mr Holland that is incredibly frustrating. I am sad to hear all this. However, even in those tough times, please don’t give up writing. It has actually brought me quite a lot of joy when I see a notification on my phone saying you’ve written another blog. Please hang in there and keep writing. Much love.

  16. Miriam says:

    Hi Dom, I hope that the problem can be solved, it is honestly a good blog with very interesting topics, and if you’re right not only in the UK but in many parts of the world what an injustice, my hope that it is resolved is a lot, it is one of the best blogs I have read Regards

  17. Isabel says:

    No way?!? What do they earn from freezing your account? I just don’t get it.
    Dom, please just continue writing you blog, I enjoy every single blog, with or without affiliate marketing !
    Keep going onward!

  18. Moose says:

    Unfortunately not a Google employee.. but really hope it all gets sorted soon. I know YouTube have changed things up a bit with verifications and policies etc so maybe Google have too and hopefully it will all be resolved as some bit have been resolved for some people on YouTube

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blogs and I am now enjoying diving into your book world

    Nice to see you will carry on doing both though Love reading your blogs when I have a moment on a busy shift, or getting home and having a read of one of your book A bit of getting away from everything for just 5mins ☺️

  19. Michelle P says:

    Hey Dom,

    Oh please do not stop the blogging. I immensely enjoy reading your material. Sucks the Google ripped the proverbial rug out from underneath your quest for financial bliss

    You keep posting and we your fans, will keep reading.

    All the best…and if your ever in Windsor Ontario Canada, a pint is on me!!


    Michelle P

  20. Regina says:

    As I’ve said many times before, love the blog! Google’s just jealous they don’t have people who live as genuinely as your readers love you and your posts. Anyway, keep writing! Selfishly, I want to see the blog go on for as long as I can read it. If no one as told you yet today, you are a wonderful writer!!

  21. Elisa Steinmeier says:

    Hi Dom,
    I really don’t understand Google why they have frozen your site. your blogs are fun and not too difficult. I’m still learning english. I find it difficult because I have dyslexia. so reading is not really my thing. but your blog helps me to read better. That is why I hope you will continue writing your blog.

    Lost of love
    from Elisa, from the Netherlands

  22. Sara says:

    Please don’t give up the blog Dom! As a big fan of the whole of Team Holland (I saw your great show at Staines Comedy Night – and I wasn’t the skateboarder!) I look forward to reading about all of your exploits.

  23. Michelle says:

    How incredibly frustrating! The fact that your post is positive and “calm” is rather impressive to me. I imagine that deep down you might like to share a certain slipper with the kind folks at google..
    Positive side, even with a decrease in revenue, you could come over here to Canada where your money is worth twice as much!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

  24. Jen says:

    As I recent discoverer of your blog, I am sorry to read of Google’s reaction. Your style of writing is what I enjoy and your topics are both serious and humorous. I look forward to your next blog

  25. Ellen L says:

    I’m so sorry Dom. I hope this gets fixed for you as I love getting the notification that you’ve posted a blog and it’s always a great read. I commented on the last blog, so I’m sorry for being a contributor to this misfortune!
    I hope you have a good week despite all of this.
    Love from, Ellen xx

  26. Theresa Garnett says:

    Oh Dom how frustrating! We love reading the blog. How ridiculously short sighted and accusatory of Google! We shall continue to enjoy your posts regardless of their ludicrous views. Also would love to know when and where you are next doing stand up near us here in Wiltshire – we’ll pay for that privilege and google can go hang ….

  27. Karen says:

    Aloha, Dom!
    As a 60 year old retiree from Hawaii, I enjoy waking up to a new story on IG asking me to ‘swipe up’. I’m so sorry on your current situation with Google, but it made for a great blog (at your expense). I love your humorous take on life, although…I have to admit, some of it goes right over my head. Whoosh!
    Stay loose braddah n’ keep writin’ funny kine stuffs!
    Mahalo, Karen

  28. Not the Actual Warrior Princess says:

    “…cannot speak to Mr or Mrs Google or whatever pronoun they prefer.” This line made me laugh harder than I have all week. Thank you for that. Sorry to hear about your absurd google issues and I hope they are resolved soon! Keep blogging and we will keep reading.

    • A.J. Goode says:

      So frustrating! If it helps at all, there are so many of us who enjoy reading your blog and buying your books. As a parent and a struggling self-published author myself, I find your blog both entertaining and inspirational. When I feel like giving up on the writing dream, I often find encouragement in your blog — you always seem to find the humor in every setback, always keep writing and making us laugh.

      You’re definitely not alone in being frustrated by trying to monetize a blog! I to monetize mine using Amazon Associates and can proudly state that after 5 years I STILL haven’t earned enough to meet the threshold for one single payment. Not a penny earned from blogging. Ouch.

  29. Casey A. says:

    You would think they would have allowed it to go on for more than a few days and seen if it changed dramatically the longer it was around ‍♀️ However, I don’t know how any of that works either! I always wondered how bloggers made money off their blogs. Hope it works out though! Good luck!

  30. Tamara says:

    Oh please keep it going, l love your blog and desperately look forward to waking up to new entries (from Australia)
    I admit that my daughter got me into your blog ( massive Tom fan, flying over spending huge amounts on air fares in hopes she meets him, which I doubt but l admire her passion)
    Anyway yes l did start reading it because of that but l have stuck around, commented from time to time and now last week even purchased one of your books all because l really enjoy ready it and have found myself excited to wake to a new entry please keep it going

  31. Mareijkej says:

    So sorry to hear that. It happens so often that we get an opportunity out of nowhere, build up lots of hopes and dreams just to have it all crushed. But I‘m really glad that you’ll keep on blogging.

  32. Jenna says:

    So sorry! As long as technology thrives, so will the frustrations it ensues on our daily encounters. I do so enjoy your stories, both in blog and book form, and hope their being shared with us creates as few headaches as possible in future. Best of luck with the Google battle (as these things so often seem to be these days! Again, sorry). Cheers from across the pond 🙂

  33. Kenisha says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this.
    Google, however great the company is (eg. I can view this on Chrome), their AI can sometimes be a little annoying. I am sure it was some automated robot thought silly annoying things about your amazing blog but you should contact Google and ask them to correct the mistake.
    Hope it works out

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