Let’s save a strangers life…

Some people are better than others at pushing themselves and their wares on-line. It seems that the more brazen the person is, the better the results – and so perhaps I should be pleased with my meagre success in this arena.

Certainly my pushing is always gentle – a ‘funny’ blog with a covert suggestion that people who enjoy my writing, might also enjoy an array of my novels including my latest, I,Gabriel – but no pressure…

But with this post I can afford to be as brash and as brazen as the most high-flying you-tuber or ‘influencer’ – since I do not make a penny from the sales of Open Links.

I take this opportunity now since it is a novel that hinges on our Open Championship which is currently taking place in Port Rush, Northern Ireland.

All the proceeds from the sales of Open Links go directly to the Anthony Nolan Trust – a charity that saves lives. Anthony Nolan manage and curates the world’s largest register of stem cell tissue donors – an essential weapon against blood cancer – a non-discriminate disease which can affect any of us at any time. And the unfortunate people afflicted might eventually require a bone marrow transplant and no doubt will turn to the Anthony Nolan register and hope that they have a tissue match for their chance of life.

So, with summer holidays upon us – which for many of us (men!) is the time that we will read our annual book – and you might find yourself in an airport WH Smiths being seduced by the snazzy book jackets complete with outlandish and misleading quotes, proving the maxim that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Many many things make for a great holiday. Weather. Company. Food. Wine. Activities and a good book to read. Similarly, reading a terrible book can dull and dent even the most beautiful vista.

And even if I say it myself, Open Links is a lovely book and a terrific tale (I am being brazen, remember). It will make you smile throughout, even laugh (occasionally) and possibly even cry and the ending will make you smile broadly. All of my novels are adult fairytales and this one is the most outlandish and fun.

Sunday at The Open Championship is always thrilling as no doubt, this tournament will prove – but whoever contests this Sunday for the greatest prize in golf – it will be nothing compared to the conclusion of Open Links. Which is some claim – brazen, even!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and I have been heartened by readers reactions with letters and emails that I have received. 48 5 star ***** reviews on Amazon – with many readers at pains to explain that no knowledge or interest in golf is required to enjoy this story.

And as you read it – you will know that your money is going to a great charity and cause – and who knows, maybe the money raised by Open Links might one day pay for a tissue match that goes on to save someone’s life.

Thank you to everyone who responds to this blog and makes a purchase. Anthony Nolan will be very grateful as will the patients it supports every day.

Open Links is available at amazon for the princely sum of £2.50 – with all authorial proceeds to Anthony Nolan.

8 thoughts on “Let’s save a strangers life…

  1. Cyndel Campbell says:

    Do you happen to sell hard copies? I’m an English teacher in America and I’d like to order a couple of books to place in my classroom library and the schools library.

  2. Jo Tracy says:

    I’m so glad this story is finally getting out there! Congratulations – and what a brilliant thing to do with the proceeds. I shall buy in bulk! Jo x

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I have been coming to your blog about every month for the past year since I found it last year when I was trying to find out more about The Brother’s Trust. I enjoy the humor and friendly nature of your blog posts.
    Anyway, now I am also grateful for you supporting the Anthony Nolan charity. My dad had multiple myeloma (a bone marrow blood cell cancer) when I was a kid, so I am especially thankful to you for supporting this charity.
    Is the book for Kindle only or will it work on laptops? Thanks.

    • Dom says:

      Hi Elizabeth – this being a technical question, I really should pass. I guess a kindle app does work on a laptop but don’t quote me. I am planning to republish Open Links on my platform with all proceeds to go to Anthony Nolan via The Brothers Trust – and it will be available as an ebook and paperback. I have a few paperback copies still, so if you let me have your address, I will send a copy and trust that you can donate directly to AN. Many thanks.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks, I bought the book from Amazon and it does work on my laptop through the Amazon app. Thanks, again, for writing it and donating to this charity.

        • Dom says:

          thank you Elizabeth – I am a better writer than I am a golfer – and this equation is compounded when I am writing a novel about golf. My plan is to republish Open Links via The Brothers Trust – and only selling it as a hard copy through our website – and we will then pass the proceeds in full over to Anthony Nolan – so the read a book and ‘help to save someones life, somewhere, sometime’ will still apply.

    • Dom says:

      cool – I am re-editing it so that it will only be available via The Brothers Trust – and from here, we will give the proceeds to Anthony Nolan

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