Lots of cynicism over Band Aid single…

And I get this cynicism to a point – multi-millionaire rock and pop stars with dubious tax records (Bono, at least) – giving up a morning of their precious time to bang out an old son and cover themselves in publicity and glory.

Although I wonder if the people in West Africa who might benefit from such endeavour really care how or why the funds were raised? I expect not.

There will always be an issue with ‘celebrities’ aligning themselves with charity – and a query over an ulterior motive and if I can call myself a ‘celeb’ then today I am adding my name to the list – albeit I have given up more of my time than just a morning. A year in fact because I have written a novel called OPEN LINKS – and I have assigned all the rights to Antony Nolan, a charity that saves people’s lives. Open Links by Dominic Holland

The book is published today on amazon and I would be grateful to those of you who can download a copy, write reviews and share this news with your friends.

And as to my reasoning for doing such a thing – my ulterior motive?

Undoubtedly, if Open Links is a success, then it will do me no harm – but whilst writing the book and having the idea of the charitable link, it just made sense and became part of the narrative. And if my novel does help someone with blood cancer, in however small a way – then that will an enormous upside and something well worth my time.

Thank you.

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