Maths GCSE is hard – shocker

My boys headed in to the Maths GCSE yesterday full of confidence – but they returned home a little dejected and disconsolate.

Apparently the exam was too hard and I was quick to share and empathise with them.

In maths – O level as it was then – I managed a grade E, then a D and finally I was awarded with a lofty C.

If this was much consolation to them – then it didn’t show. So I pressed on…

I explained to my boys that I am in fact a naturally gifted mathematician but unfortunately, I just happened to face three rogue papers in a row – which put paid to my career as a surgeon – and why I became a clown instead.

Rather appropriately, this did raise a laugh.

Don’t worry boys, I explained – if it’s hard for you then it will be hard for everyone and exams are a factor of ratios. The top x% get a certain grade whatever their mark?

But they didn’t believe. What the hell does dad know about anything? He a f**** clown.

But then listening to the Today programme early this morning and a feature catches my attention – a maths GCSE paper stuns students for being too difficult. Naturally I listened intently. Could this have been the same paper with a fiendishly difficult question about Hannah and her sweets.

One of my twins confirmed as much suddenly everything is okay again because it will be taken in to account in the marking.

Just as their wise old man explained but they don’t acknowledge this – too busy celebrating.

Poor old Hannah.

They went from caring deeply about Hannah and her sweets to not giving a toss. Too few sweets or too many sweets. Who cares?

Naturally, I am pleased and I plan to be reward them for their efforts whatever they attain.

With sweets possibly. But like the rest of the country, I don’t know how many sweets – not yet.



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