Men and women are the same stupid

Not wishing to court controversy – but to defend the eminent Nobel winning scientist who has been sacked for suggesting that women fall in love with men and that they are more prone to crying than their male counter-parts…

In my limited experience of women – I have found that women do cry quite often and that they do fall in love with men but less often. This is based on my own life and marriage which has now run for a very long time.

And whilst we are on the subject – did anyone notice on BBCR5 this morning – that Dame Tanni Grey Thompson was discussing the difference between boys and girls. She suggested that girls like competitive sport less than boys and added that girls don’t like throwing and catching balls as much as boys do. Dame Tanni also inferred that girls need to be encouraged to do sport because in the playground, boys just naturally kick a ball around.

These are her observations and not mine.

And although I might have agreed with them at some point – I have since learned that boys and girls are in fact now exactly the same.

So is it fair then to describe women as the fairer sex?

Answer – no it is not. And don’t get me started on fair…


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