No night off…

With no gig last night, at 4pm yesterday I was planning to watch the football with my boys and then have a night in.

My wife was taking photographs at a local school ball and asked whether I might like to come along and help. A suggestion with a feel of an order to it.

As guests streamed in and my wife clicked away, I dealt with odd looks and occassional enquiries from people asking me where they know me from. Then I recognised a guest. An old mate, Sarah, who works on the crew of hotel events that I do. Sarah was delighted to see me. They had a  charity auction to come, hosted by a DJ happy to multi-task. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if Dominic Holland could be persuaded to stand in…

So my night off turned in to a night off. And to complicate matters further – seeing as though the auction was for two worthy charities – Mind and Winston’s Wish - the first lot I sold was an afternoon on the set of In The Heart of the Sea - to be directed by Ron Howard and featuring amongst others, Tom Holland. On the set where Harry Potter was shot – “…you can meet Tom…” This I can guarantee. “You can meet Ron…” – This I cannot. The set might even be a closed affair and if so then I will be in trouble. I will need to make it up to the winning couple.

They can come to a gig of mine. A signed DH novel (if I can find one). Er, an old script of mine… something signed? And if none of this chimes, then I will need to refund their winning bid.

A Saturday night off that wasn’t might come back to haunt me.

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