Noble Nolan…

Playing golf this week with a few guys, one of whom I knew well, the other two more acquaintances.

One of whom explains that he is out of the workplace and the circles I seem to mix in – I assume immediately that he’s sold some business or other and just doesn’t need to work anymore. Nice one mate, you lucky bastard.

Er, flat wrong.

Turns out, his his wife has been gravely ill and he gave up work to nurse her through her illness.

And there is a happy end to the story. Happier than just him beating me at our golf match (I let him win) ( this is not true) – but the jubilant news that his wife made a full recovery after receiving a bone marrow transplant courtesy of the Anthony Nolan Trust.

So that’s a mother of two, a wife… still with us and enjoying life and why you sharing this post and encouraging young people between the ages of 18 and 35 to visit and register their tissue for their chance to save a stranger’s life.

Happy Friday everyone.

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