Not the photo of Tom that many people are waiting for

Great to have a full complement of Holland boys again, now that Tom is home last night – back from filming ‘In the Heart of the Sea.’ Another remarkable experience for the young man. Needless to say, the shoot was extraordinary and now it is back to school in Jan and a return to normality – until the film comes out in 2o15!

I include this photo of Tom’s feet here for two reasons. Because they are as skinny as he is – having lost nearly a stone in weight completing the film – that they also still have makeup on because he is shoeless throughout the film – and finally because Tom has grown since being away. So these feet at attached to a man who is now noticeably taller than his dad.

Thank God.

Last night – it was lovely to have him home. I cooked a special meal – and any readers of – how tom Holland eclipsed his dad – will know exactly what the meal was. The clue being it stars in my favourite chapter of the whole book.

Merry Christmas to all my readers.


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  1. Kirsty says:

    Hi Sorry That I haven’t comment for a lot time is just that I am been busy of making plans on moving out of my mum’s on the 19th January I am moving out of blackpool to Lancaster

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