Eclipsed Introduction

Welcome to Eclipsed – a real life and real time story of a somewhat famous dad being overshadowed by his 14 year old son in show-business.

The story will run sequentially with a posting each midweek called a Take – and any other notices will be posted as and when and categorized as Out Takes.

So – for first time visitors to Eclipsed – there have been four Takes posted already – with the most recent one being Take 4 - so to get the complete story, you might wish to start with Take 1 and read up from there.

There is a display tool on the right of the homepage which can display each “post” in ascending order by date – or descending order – with the latest first as is normal with blogs.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you enjoy my pain, heartache and of course pride that is… Eclipsed.

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