Interesting thing being famous – or trying to be/remain famous.

I am not terribly bright. I am certainly not very well educated and what I have gleaned over the years, I have trouble retaining.

And given how we revere ‘intelligence’ in our modern society – the idea of appearing on a television show designed to demonstrate a contestant’s academic ability – is anathema to most people.

But tomorrow I am appearing on a celebrity version of Pointless. And the category of celebrity is rarefied even further by being authors. And aren’t authors supposed to be intelligent and at least, well read?

I am looking at a very heavy fall here. But I am motivated by the fact that the potential humiliation will possibly be outweighed by the exposure for me and for my books and definitely outweighed because I am competing for the charity – Anthony Nolan – a charity which deserves the support of everyone – because if you or a loved one ever contracts blood cancer, you will turn to the Anthony Nolan Trust with everything crossed…

Just as I will have tomorrow when I am asked my first question.

TX date – or humiliation date on this site as I know – or discern….

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