Political moves…

Many readers of this blog might not be aware that in the UK, we are about to have a General Election – and on this subject, my phone lit up this week with messages and alerts to the news that Tom Holland has officially entered the fray.

Behind the curve as ever, this came as a surprise to me and something of a concern.

Tom is in America – mid-filming an intense and brutal role for a movie called Cherry. As busy as he is and knowing him like I do, it is likely that Tom is one of my readers who is unaware that the UK is going to the polls.

Unlikely then that he has anything to say on the subject – and this turns out to be the case?


As I say in Eclipsed – my advice to Tom for now at least, is this…

You are an actor. This means that you spend your working life in make believe – and for which you are lucky enough to enjoy a gilded and highly privileged life. Plus you are very young – (or life inexperienced, as yet) and in such circumstances, the sensible play is do not pontificate; in effect, remain, apolitical. And a good rule of thumb is to maintain this position for a good while yet. I don’t know specifically how long – but twenty five years as a minimum.

 So why then, is my phone pinging?

Firstly, because our incumbent Prime minister – Mr. Boris Johnson – during a speech and in extolling the virtues of the mighty United Kingdom, cited amongst many things, our pre-eminence in the arts, with two English actors currently playing Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Superman (Henry Cavill).

“…and all occurring under his government”, he added mischievously, which drew a bemused laugh from his audience – to which he laughed along and added facetiously…

“Yes, I’m taking credit for it.”

As a parent – I garner much credit and congratulations – none of which I am not terribly comfortable with because we didn’t do anything specific or deliberate as parents. There was no strategy or master plan. Just our instincts and our best foot forward along with lots of hope.

I have said before that Tom’s career is a perfect serendipitous fluke. Taking credit for his success is flattering but somewhat misplaced – but that said, I have had a far greater bearing on Tom’s success than any politician appealing for our votes.


But then another political earthquake occurred which again involved a certain Tom Holland.

This time, a letter to a newspaper opposing the candidacy for Prime minister of Mr. Jeremy Corbyn – which has been signed by luminaries of the arts and academia – based on his ant-Semitism. And included in this list of signatories is, Tom Holland.

But not the Tom Holland that we all know and love.

Tom Holland, the historian and scholar who I have met on one occasion and liked very much. He could not be more different to his better known namesake. Very tall and not wishing to denigrate my son, but he has a brain the size of a medium sized planet. The author of more books than I have sold – including a tome called Dominion which I started to read full of verve and enthusiasm but quickly realised that I had over-reached. I have the desire to read such books but not the grey matter.

I write this blog post on a train – coming home from a gig last night in Manchester. After the gig and in my hotel room I had a long catch up on facetime with Tom Holland – the actor, not the intimidating author.  During an hours conversation, we covered all manner of subjects. His films, my gig/s. Forthcoming projects (his). The brothers trust, his brothers, mum and all stuff more generally.

I mentioned my disastrous weekend just gone – when I was caught in a tale-back behind an accident on the A34 – where I remained for 4 hours and missed my gig.

I said this in passing – as though Tom would know about this already – because I had blogged about it – and Tom is one of my avid readers, right?

“What gig, dad. Why did you miss your gig?”

A moment of silence ensues as a painful reality hits me.

My assertion at the opening of this blog is only partly true. It turns out that Tom Holland – my first son – is NOT one of my readers after all.

Which I get.

He’s busy, right? He has a movie to make…

But it does beg the question… if he isn’t reading his old man’s blog, then what is he reading?

And the answer is applicable to most young men of his age.


Too busy swiping, meming, instagramming… and all to their great loss.






31 thoughts on “Political moves…

  1. Kira says:

    Love reading your blog always gives me a good chuckle! I’m afraid I must agree with you that far too many people my age are too busy instagramming to take a moment to read but I really think blogs like yours allows us to peek into the world and perspective of others. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Charlotte R says:

    I feel that same way about politics as I do about discussing salary. It’s only the individual voters concerns and doesn’t need to be spread about. People vote for different reasons and it’s up to each person what those reasons are, but people don’t like doing the research these days. It’s far easier to be told what to do isn’t it.
    I’m sure Tom is your #1 fan, as you are his. People just have different ways of showing it. All your boys seem extremely humble and grounded, so fear not – you’ve done a good job!
    On a lighter note, will you be showing your support to your old friend Eddie Izzard this week? He’s performing at Top Secret.

          • Mrs.Holland(Eva) says:

            I love reading these and getting the notifications bc as being a hollander for almost 7 years I get everything I feel bad for everyone in the Holland family they are all amazing I just feel tom dosent get to see his family that much and is so busy I understand he a actor and that’s his job just it on back to back and I feel bad for dom bc he can’t see his son everyday and I feel in the way dom wrote this he was sad Tom didn’t read these and also dom don’t see Harry much either bc he always with Tom i hope tom and Harry can come back for Christmas bc if not my heart will be broken and I would do anything for u guys to be together for Christmas i just feel the Holland’s aren’t the way they used to be but I’ll be here forever Stu king up for u guys and being a fan and supporting u all along the way bc u guys have helped me threw my hardest times and when I get bullied all I think about is Tom got bullied to I’ll be ok so thank u to everyone of the Holland’s and happy holidays

  3. Katja K says:

    I am 19 and I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s very entertaining and I am always a little bit excited when I see that there’s a new update.

  4. Esther H. says:

    I am kinda surprised you thought Tom read your blog. He probably reads it time to time, but he does say that he doesn’t read much. It is kinda sad since reading is so fun. Reading your blog is something I really enjoy. It is one of the first things I do in the morning. You rocks. Next time you are in the US can you do a gig?

  5. Aviya Avrahami says:

    DOM Im must say Im 22 years old and I read your blog for a while now and it’s your son lost.. you really funny and intersting!! thank you for that! send my love ❤ to Tessa and your boys

  6. Milena says:

    As parents you gave your sons loving home, support, and mainly your time and attention. You didn’t push them into showbusiness in earliest possible time with no parenting care as some parents did. Chance for a fame and big bucks? Go ahead kid..and now this young adults are struggling with so many mental problems, drugs and addictions. Maybe your eldest doesn’t read your blog, but he’s spending hours talking to you. Clearly he has strong bond with his father. That’s your great success! You can be proud of yourself.

  7. Patty says:

    Ahh political posturing at a sad level. But then as I am from the USA I am well experienced in reading such false bragging…. anyway I sure do enjoy your blogs!

  8. Sara says:

    As a parent of two kids (quite a bit younger than yours) – I would delight in them wanting to spend an hour talking to me about life, the universe and everything – rather than reading a blog which they know isn’t designed for them. Sounds to me like Tom has it right – and you’ve done a great job parenting!

  9. Alessandra says:

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face once again. Looking forward to Mondays snd reading your blogs. From what I witnessed so far Tom is well brought up by you and Nikki, great mentors and plenty of people to keep him grounded he also sticks to it and doesn’t rebel or goes out of line which is a great feat. He is down to earth it seems, has a few ego trips here and there like the rugby final incident but all under control it seemingly. Ahhh politics… I now have permanent resident status so I shouldn’t be afraid of Brexit and yet… Big black unknown shadow looms. I do hope that many votes and Tom and Harry should be able to vote too as I’m not allowed really. It’s important this election but maybe not in the grand scheme of things… Looking forward to next Monday 🙂 I’d love to see you live… Any gigs in Sussex planned?

  10. Pamela says:

    You have raised amazing boys who like you mentioned in this blog, will talk to you for hours about what’s going on in your lives!! That’s a highlight I still do every week with my mom! Thank you for your blogs! I’m always excited to see you have written a new one!!

  11. Paul says:

    Another entertaining and thought provoking blog. Well done!. And very sound advice for all your sons to remain apolitical. Being an ‘ordinary’ citizen is hard enough to not ruffle peoples political feathers, I cant imaging being in the entertaining business and the pressures it adds to join a side. When very well respected and long-time established actors delve into non-entertainment areas, I try to remain focused on their ‘art’ and not their ‘activism’. Especially here in the US with our current political debates, some entertainers are shoving their philosophies down our throats (Fonda, DiCaprio, Goldberg, Pitt, Penn, Streisand). Luckily your family can always say “that’s an American issue” and steer clear :). There’s a fine line between being an advocate and an activist. The Brothers Trust is a fine example of being an advocate to helping those in need. Keep up the blogging!

  12. Kelly says:

    You just brightened my Monday morning while I’m sitting at my desk avoiding actual work. This was my favorite blog post yet. You included both politics (a huge topic on my mind, being a liberal American) and the lack of awareness by twenty somethings of anything past the screen in front of their nose. Rest assured, I’m sure some of your children read your blog. Thanks for the laugh!

  13. Janet says:

    What a great start to the day reading your blogs! I really do look forward to them! While Tom’s career may have been a fluke I think all would agree it’s your parenting that gives him success. I’ve been following along for a few months now and through this blog, instagram and interviews it is clear that your relationship with him and all your boys is so strong and that he has his family to thank for keeping him grounded. I love picturing in my head the two of you FaceTiming to catch up. I hope that my son will be like that and want to take the time to FaceTime me at his age. Thank you again and again for showing us a bit of your life so we can continue to cheer you on!

  14. R says:

    I’m a kid. I don’t have the privilege to vote yet in the elections but we do hear and read about it a lot. And I think everyone should know about what’s going on here. Even celebrities should know what’s going on in their country.

  15. Carolina says:

    Thank God I am one of the exception to that answer. I enjoy reading your blogs, and I hope to enjoy one of your books soon.

  16. Sharon Shepherd says:

    My teenage daughter isn’t on her phone at the moment, she is, in fact, READING A BOOK. Thank you for Eclipsed, sir and for making this old mum very happy. I’m under no illusion that she’ll be back on her phone as soon as she’s finished it but while it lasts…

  17. Zoe Spence says:

    I support you Mr Holland for a long time and I’m not old (16) ether lol your amazing at what you do and you inspire me to do more and that everyone is different in everyway, right or wrong and that its okay to be wrong in life… so I thank you x

  18. madsonali says:

    Sweet revenge! Why did you false blog that you did not pay attention to him while that match? Either you did not pay attention then, so you are not getting any, Or you false blogged and tricked, so again you are tricking..! How snookum snookum you both are..! I want to meet Nikki. I should have been Bertie.

  19. Cherval Royster says:

    I completely agree with this. They shouldn’t include anyone’s careers into their campaign when they really had nothing to do with it. I just finished reading the book the movie your son is filing is based off of. I hope he at least read that lol

  20. Audrey says:

    All credit to THE Tom Holland for his success as an actor and much credit to his parents for him growing into a good person!
    Who gets credit for his golf? Great swing
    You have a YouTube thing now for the non-reader generation! Send him those and I’ll bet he connects, plus his beloved doggie is in them….hopefully her snoring isn’t her ratings.
    Thanks for the story.

  21. Faaiz Rehan says:

    Haha, I don’t like to do much instagramming myself, its too much for me. I’d like to say that I enjoy reading your blogs more than going on social media. It just gives me so much perspective and knowledge

  22. Sophia says:

    Hi Dom, this is the first time I’ve ever read a blog of yours, and I really liked it. I’m from Uruguay (South America) and we’ve just got our national elections. Thankfully, at the age of 17 I was able to go to different gatherings with the one of the political candidates and their senators. It made me feel pretty good, because now I could understand what grown ups were talking about at the dinner table. But not everybody cares about politics enough, teenagers especially. So tell Tom that instagramming and memes are important, but politics are part of his present and future. It’s not as boring as it looks! Big fan of your son, and now yours too!

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