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The Brothers Trust being almost a year old, we were aware that the website needed to look considerably more professional and in keeping with the ambitions that we have for it.

Nikki has really been the energy behind the trust and its establishment. Even the name, THE BROTHERS TRUST was her idea, ably assisted by Tom on the fame front and his brothers more generally, with me floating about and chipping in with enthusiasm and words here and there.

But a new website?

Like all things technical in the Holland household, as the leader of the house (sexist?) I live by the mantra GABI – Get A Bloke In (sexist again?)

Really, this is the only way to live.

GABI – PTM – GID – and MO

Get a bloke in – pay the money – get it done and – Move on.

And this applies to most things. Plumbing, electrical and definitely all things tech related where we are even more refined and use GANI – Get a Nerd In

A schoolboy error by me then, because in establishing The Brothers Trust twitter account myself (@tbrotherstrust) – it is somehow linked to my own twitter account which I now have no access to via my phone. This is typical, annoying and utterly depressing – but no suggestions thank you, as I am in quiet denial.

So when Nikki announced recently that she was going to re-design The Brothers Trust website herself, I winced.

‘Really, are you sure? You don’t want to get someone in? You think you can do that?’

All such questions (and others) only galvanised her and strengthened her resolve.

‘But how?’ I asked. ‘How are you going to build a website?’

‘I’m going to go on YT and learn how to do it. There are seminars on-line…’

At this, I winced. Has she lost her mind.

Really? But you’re fifty…

Obviously, I didn’t say this out loud – but I thought it.

So Nikki went on-line and I went back to my life – writing my Edinburgh show and generally fretting…

And I prepared a contingency for the inevitable tech vanquishing of the woman in my life. A meal out maybe to assuage her frustration and then a polite email to a nerd asking for help.

So you cannot imagine my shock when a few days later, Nikki announced that the site was built and that it just needed some words (my department). I couldn’t believe it or what I saw on her screen. Everything worked. It looks great and all completed without a nerd.

Increasingly, I don’t recognise the world in which Tom lives in, with his Oscars parties and film making duties.

And now even my wife is becoming a person I hardly know – and so my feeling of being left behind continues.

And so I seek refuge in my unassailable position in this bloody household as being the go-to person for words. I am and I will always remain the Holland writer.

And on this – I draw your attention to the new twitter account of The Brothers Trust (@tbrotherstrust) – which I established by combining my great writing ability with my total absence of any tech skills – to produce an account with a horrendous typo in the profile…

“Shining a light on charity’s who struggle to be heard”

It did not take long for various people on twitter to politely point out my erroneous use of the apostrophe. This is embarrassing and can hardly be explained by my rushing.

Nikki saw these tweets also.

‘Blimey Dom, you’d better correct that…’

Yes, I nodded, I will. I will do it now.

Only, it turns out that I can’t!

Bloody technology. I don’t know why, but I can’t even access the bloody account to make the bloody change.

And my wife can build an entire website and make it work!

Thank God then I can still make people laugh.

But for how long and so the fretting continues…


Go to, – to see how things should be done

and to @tbrotherstrust – for how things shouldn’t.

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