Small world eh?

Driving around London, I can point out to some remarkable and obscure places that I have done gigs over the years. On the river Thames; on various pleasure craft and even HMS Belfast. In Tower Bridge itself, in the House of Parliament, Old Billingsgate Market, The Gerkin, most of London’s fine hotels, Her Majesty’s Theatre and many others besides and of course The Comedy Store, arguably the best comedy club of them all?

Nikki, too as a self-employed photographer has been to where the work is and similarly, can cross off a range of venues.

Mr and Mrs Holland – have camera/jokes, will travel.

Occasionally, we can even discuss the same venue where we have worked – and now can include Tom also, as happened yesterday when Nikki visited Tom on location of Spider-Man Far From Home.

London is blessed with some extraordinary stately homes which provide backdrops for countless films. The venue yesterday – and in fact the very same ballroom, has seen Nikki presiding over the photography of a wedding, where I have done my best to make some people laugh and now Tom has filmed a scene for in the Spider-Man suit.

On all three occasions – an element of make-believe is called for – but no prizes for guessing which of the Holland clan has left a greater mark on this beautiful and historic venue?

No one in years to come is ever going to say – in this very room, Dom Holland once did a gig here!

My story of Eclipsed is a series of happy coincidences in the very different lives of father and son.

And now I am pleased to say, joined by Nikki too.

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