so that there can be no doubt…

It was announced today on Hollywood Deadline – that the Warner Brothers film – IN THE HEART OF THE SEA – to be directed by a certain, Ron Howard – is going to ‘star’ a certain Tom Holland…

Meanwhile, I have news of my own. This Saturday I will be performing stand-up comedy at The Bearcat Comedy Club in St.Margarets.

Many of you will know how these two individuals have ended up in these very different ends of the show-biz world – for those intrigued, can I suggest an ebook – how tom holland eclipsed…

7 thoughts on “so that there can be no doubt…

  1. Derek Shakespeare says:

    Congratulations naturally to Tom but I’m fairly sure that we haven’t yet seen the last of your own talented offerings yet Dominic.And never discount the fact of your greatest work yet – raising 4 kids!! All of whom,no doubt,will go on to make yourself and Nikki even prouder.
    Anyway-enough of me boosting egos here,ha ha.

  2. Busflower / Carla says:

    Here’s to you having a blast tonight!
    Good to see on the Wright Stuff hot seat this week – the ‘next chapter’ is sounding most exciting with all you have lined up. Wishing you all the best Dom!

    Warm regards

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