Stephen King and his Mercedes Benz

On holiday as I am – and being a man – I am currently reading.

For the last few days, Stephen King has been keeping me company with his latest tome, Mr Mercedes – and it makes me wonder why I don’t read more often.

I enjoyed Mr Mercedes although it will not join some of the classics that he has penned. But it is compelling and interesting and well resolved and I enjoyed getting back to it and I have now passed it on to one of my boys to read.

And as I read along I became heartened that there will be people on beaches across the globe currently reading one of my books. I know this because my kindle sales have spiked recently and I know this because I check my kindle sales regularly. First thing I do every morning in fact and I wonder if Mr King does the same? I expect not.

But as a writer and a seldom reader – it is good to know that somewhere, someone is ripping through a DH book – to see how it resolves and hopefully having fun along the way. It’s a pleasure to read a novel and an even greater pleasure to be able to write one worth reading – so thank you to those who find mine and are kind enough to review them positively.

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