Surprises run long and deep in the Holland family.

Tom becoming Spider-Man and indeed a movie star will probably remain the biggest surprise of all – eclipsing even the surprise of my own failing to reach the dizzy heights… I must write this in to a story one day!

But on a smaller scale too, other surprises are noteworthy…

My heading to Thailand for the weekend to surprise the boys on the set of The Impossible. It was the twins birthday and Tom’s last day of filming. And Nikki was missing me? (Only two of these is true and no prizes for guessing which.)

Tom coming back from the filming of Chaos Walking in Montreal to surprise me in Edinburgh during my run of Eclipsed. A monster effort; Montreal overnight to Amsterdam – Amsterdam to Edinburgh to see a show which was free! That’s commitment and was rewarded by copious tears all-round and a closing mention in my show at the following years Edinburgh, The Glory Year. I have a video recording of this surprise encounter which I might one day release. A video I affectionately refer to as my pension.

And fitting then that it is for the re-shoots of Chaos Walking in Atlanta – that Sam and I headed out this weekend to surprise Tom. He’s been away from home for a long time, working long hours and carrying much pressure, so it felt that the time was right. Harry was due to arrive anyway, ready to accompany Tom on the Far From Home press tour – but he wasn’t expecting to see Sam and I.

Fantastic to see him and to catch up.

We played golf of course – the old pairings of Harry and I versus Sam and Tom.

Going up 18, Harry and I are 1 up – with not much conversation at this stage. Harry and Tom are out of the hole and it is down to Sam and I. Having nailed my under-pressure drive, I have 180 yards over water…

You might know what happens next…

I fat a four iron, of course, what else? The ball dribbles in to the lake – much to the hilarity and jubilation of my opponents.

The game is halved – which I suppose is appropriate and why I deliberately fatted that shot – because it was the right thing to do and because I am a hero.

This is the second lie of this short post.

And finally, just a word on Far From Home – the next campaign for The Brothers Trust has been launched. A chance for two people to be flown to LA to attend the premiere and meet Tom. (Tom’s and The Brothers Trust Instagram accounts for all details.)

And when the draw is made – two people will enjoy an even bigger surprise than Tom in Atlanta or me in Edinburgh – as we can assure the winners, an experience of a lifetime.

Good luck and thanks to everyone who can support The Brothers Trust.

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