I survived Liverpool

Comics don’t tend to like playing Liverpool especially soft southern comics like me.

But my gig last night in Liverpool took on an extra burden given that the venue was St.George’s Hall which meant nothing to me until I arrived – and discovered that is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been in. A cavernous hall with a ceiling almost as high as the Beatles must have been when they came up with – we all live in a yellow submarine…

And it turns out that the building is still a court house today and full of history. Whilst the punters had dinner, I took the opportunity to see the cells in the bowels of the great building and followed the staircase up in to the court room where people were too often sentenced to death.

Blimey I thought, what a place to do a gig and I hoped that I didn’t add to the number of deaths that the building can lay claim to?

Fortunately not.

The audience was great (trade association society) and Dominic Holland survived the gig and the long drive home to write this now.

So if you are ever in the great city of Liverpool – get along to St.George’s Hall and take the tour. You will thank me for doing so.

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