That’s my boys…

With what is happening to Tom and my family at present – I am conscious that pride is one of the seven deadly sins and rightly so. No one likes a smug bastard after all?

But something happened the other night which made me very proud and it is something I am happy to share with the world.

Last Wednesday was the European Premiere of the new Ron Howard film, In the Heart of the Sea – starring amongst many others, Tom Holland – the eldest of my four boys.

Leicester Square Odeon – a red carpet (it was actually blue) – Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Ron Howard et al – along with Tom and his brothers within the ropes and smiling for a raft of photographers and screaming autograph hunters. It was all very exciting – especially so for Tom’s younger brothers and I was keen to get a photograph of all four of my boys together.

Also on the carpet were an array of other ‘celebs’ being photographed who I did not recognise – who turned out to be the latest contestants from the X Factor having a glimpse of what might lie ahead for them?

Just ahead of the entrance to the cinema, I assembled my four boys together for the photograph – and as exciting as it was to see them in their smart clothes – but this was not my moment of pride.

Which came – when a lady thrust a microphone in front of my boys enquiring –

‘So boys, who do you want to win the X Factor?’

My boys looked blank.


‘Come on boys, whose your fave contestant?’

And then Tom piped up.

‘Dunno. We don’t watch the X Factor.’

At which I swelled with pride…

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