The boy (man) is back in town…

Finally, welcome to my new site… as torturous an experience I can recall until the last two days, loading the manuscript and jacket of I,Gabriel on to various on-line book publishing platforms – harder in fact that writing the blinking book.

This site is designed with ease and accessibility in mind, for instance, the comments section on this blog now works. My blog is more central, as are my books and lest forget the button, ‘book a show near you’ – my first enquiry of which has come through this morning and I will get to anon.

The site was supposed to be ready July 1st – allowing me a full 28 days of blogging and posting ahead of July 29th and the release of I,Gabriel and here I am, July 17th. Best laid plans and all that…

So probably there will be a few blogs to come as I have much to report and including The Brothers Trust screening day last Sunday…

But for now, a funny instance that occurred just over a week ago – which beautifully encapsulates and demonstrates the best and worst characteristics of us frail and vulnerable human beings.

Delighted to have Tom home and with Spider-Man Far From Home riding so high at the Box Office, life is good and Nikki and I were out with Tom in London one evening at a very public event.

As you can imagine, Tom is visible now. His face is on buses and billboards all about the place, not to mention all over big screens-and-small. Tom is becoming well known, famous even and this might be interpreted as the cost of his success. Because people are excited when they see him and even more so when it is out of context and unexpected. Seeing a ‘celebrity’ (I don’t enjoy using this word to describe my son and not because I am jealous) at a ‘star studded’ event is less exciting than seeing say, a ‘movie star’ (see my previous comment in brackets) on a residential street in South West London.

And with this in mind I am instinctively protective of Tom and his privacy. Whilst I understand the excitement and the love, my parental DNA to protect him kicks in and my hope that Tom’s life can remain normal, or as normal as possible. And so I am happiest then, when people don’t freak out when they see him and to this end, I emit involuntary vibes of leave him alone.

To the other evening then…

Tom and I are ahead on a busy street trying to hail a cab or an Uber. Nikki is some way behind (sore feet?). A bunch of exuberant lads who have been at the same event are ahead of us. I clock them immediately and quickly call upon my best security guard look which happens to be completely blunt and ineffective.

As we pass, one lad spots Tom and does the customary double-take.

“Bloody hell, that’s Spider-Man.”

A cheer goes up and then a jeer because the guy is not believed. Tom will have heard this also but doesn’t break stride. From behind me, I now hear a general conflab…

“That bloke there. I’m serious, that’s Spider-Man.”

‘No, way…”

“It is. I’m serious? I’ve Just seen Far From Home. That geezer is…”

I risk a glance back – hoping that they are not giving chase – and I am still emitting my best ‘leave him alone’ energy – the way any protective parent would – which brings me to one of the best human traits of all – being a parent and the need to protect our young.

But this quickly expires which this takes me by surprise and then amuses me…

As the conflab continues, someway back now but my ears are straining and I can still most of the exchanges.

“That bloke up there… I am telling you, that is Tom Holland.”

“Who’s Tom Holland?”

And this stops me.


Who is Tom Holland?

Are you serious?

Graham Norton three times. Billboards. 5 movies as the web slinger…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you what is known, as the ego.

Something that we all have and can be debilitated by unless we keep it in check and at bay at all times.




I,Gabriel will be published in paperback and ebook on 29th July 2019 and can be pre-ordered here.



12 thoughts on “The boy (man) is back in town…

  1. Alison says:

    I often feel so bad for the kind of stuff your entire family must go through. Having such a talented family in no way excuses the invasion of privacy that you are subjected to.
    Your writing is incredible.

  2. Sophie says:

    I love your view on the whole “fame” situation and I agree with you completely. I respect my privacy and I hope that your family and you can find this some way or another. I’m hoping to become a nurse and influence people in that way, much like you and your blog! August 13th is the date I find out and well, I’m terrified. I’ve been working so hard these last few years and if I find out I don’t get in I’ll be devistated ( Points system here in Ireland is horrible as we don’t get a second chance). Oh well! Wish me luck! And I hope that you and your family are doing well!

  3. John says:

    Dom –
    I always enjoy reading your blog posts. You bring an interesting perspective to an unusual life – but in the process remind all of the truly important things in life.
    Tremendous respect to both you and Nikki on how you have raised/are raising not just Tom, but each of your boys. They each emit a humble confidence that enables them to navigate their lives on their own terms despite the travails of not only Tom’s fame, but each of their respective notoriety. This does not happen by accident, but results from parents that love, support and guide their family. Continue to protect your kids “normalcy” and privacy as best you can (particularly in the next few days). They each deserve to experience the joy of life in the way they see fit – not as Hollywood/fans would want.
    Keep enjoying the ride with your feet firmly planted on the ground.
    Wish you, Nikki and the boys all the best life has to offer.

  4. Samantha says:

    Ahhhh parental pride…. bless. I’m sorry to admit I would be tempted to be a little excited as definitely my girls and if we built up the courage may very politely ask for a photo and or dare I autograph…but I would do the same if I saw you too and would want my photo with you as I have enjoyed your comedy over the years and love your work …so id be ecstatic with a photo with you both ..if myself and my daughter s were very polite I hope we would not offend. Carry on being a proud protective dad always a most important role

  5. Kat Leroy says:

    Great story! Thumbs up for being so protective of your family. I mean, who else is going to take care of all the sons, daughters, parents and siblings and etc. out in this wide crazy world, if not their own families?

    Back to the story, though. Liked the punch line. But I think it would be even better if the other guy’s reaction was: ‘Who’s Spider-Man?’ 😀

    Oh, and since you’ve now mentioned it: Who exactly, by the way, IS Tom Holland? 😀

  6. Vivian says:

    Hello Dom,
    I’m really enjoying your blogs and I’m always excited for the next one.
    The story with your oldest in the street is really funny, I didn’t think the ending would turn out like this and I can understand how you as a parent must feel with a “well known” son, especially with privacy but I hope it’s not to bad for your family.
    Personally I’m always relieved to hear that Tom gets to have some down time and be home.
    It’s a tough life for someone as young as him but from what I’ve seen he’s doing an amazing job, he’s an incredible young man and so talented. I hope I get to meet him one day.
    You and Nikki raised an incredible son. (Not to forget your other 3 sons)
    So, I just wanted to tell you this and congrats on another wonderful brotherstrust event.

    Best wishes

  7. Ayoeasn says:

    Alright the ending is unexpected. I was looking forward to worse situation, and it took the other route.
    Great one! Really meaningful

  8. MJ says:

    I love your writing it’s so interesting and your books are amazing. You remind me of my father a lot and how you love your son and how your an inspiration and an amazing writer like my dad. Keep up the good work 🙂 I love it

  9. Regina says:

    The hilarity of human nature in your posts always makes me simultaneously aware of my own shortcomings yet comforted that they are not unique to me. I think that’s the very important job of every comedian. Thanks.

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