The Chase is on…

Readers of Eclipsed will know about my appearance in July on ‘Celebrity The Chase’ and the secrets that I reveal in the book pertaining to this show. As things turned out, it was an unnecessary revelation but one I am happy to leave out there anyway.

I enjoyed doing the show. It remains a big TV appearance for me in barren TV decade that has just past not-to-mention the fact that Todd Carty and I won by defeating the Beast no less. I had met Todd before but I told him again anyway how big a fan I had been of his character Tucker Jenkins. I expect he gets/hears this a lot but that it is probably always welcome.

And last week, although I didn’t watch the episode in which Tom featured as a question. Or more accurately, Tom was an answer to a question on The Chase. Instantly my twitter lit up with people eager to share this news and suggest that I have been usurped again.

Which begs the question, what is the more credible; appearing on the show or featuring as a question?

I think I know the answer and so a nod and a doff of my cap once again to my eldest son – who is currently in Canada and will know nothing of this.

So Eclipsed again, but that said, this coming weekend I am performing at The Comedy Store in London, something my movie star eldest will never do and so a fight back of sorts?

I’m clutching I know, but so what, us Dads – we all have to clutch from time to time…

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