The only way to begin a week…

I say at the end of Eclipsed, how grateful I am to anyone kind enough to review my book/s on-line – and so on a cold Monday morning in London, seeing this review of Eclipsed was very welcome indeed. Thank you, Romany.

8 March 2019

I’m increasingly aware of how fake so many things are, my instagram feed, my own filtered photos. But this book is honest. You can read the authenticity in every line. Dom is telling it as it is. Which makes this book a fresh and interesting inside look at one family’s extraordinary adventure. A tale you couldn’t have written, an unbelievable turn of events. Except it IS all real life, which is why the story is so remarkable, so satisfying to us romantic dreamers that want a fairytale to come true, just sometimes.. What I enjoyed so much, was reading about Dom Holland’s indefatigable hopefulness, his constant return to standing after being knocked down by yet another disappointment. He is the real hero of the story, the always hopeful artist that keeps throwing his hat in the ring for another chance. I finished this book in two greedy gulps, laughing along the way. I remember really enjoying Dom’s radio show on the BBC. If I had the ear of the Director General I’d get him to commission another. Or maybe someone with good sense could make Eclipse into a book of the week at least. Highly recommended. And now I guess I’m going to have to watch The Impossible and Spiderman!

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