They’re all at it…

For those of you who have read this blog from its inception – or have read my book, how tom holland eclipsed his dad – you might forgive me now for taking Tom and my strange family life a little bit for granted. I have long since dealt with the idea of being eclipsed and in the Holland house, we have all become used to what are not normal family circumstances. Tom is a normal kid who happens to be lucky enough to do extraordinary things. I am used to people asking him to sign stuff and have his photo taken. At his little brother’s school fair last Saturday – Tom was briefly the main draw – even more popular than the Bouncy Castle.

And I am used to people wanting to talk to me about him. It is an interesting tale and I wrote a book about it after all.

Recently in the radio studios of LBC – (ahead of my pedestrian rage incident which is written up on this site for those interested) – I was being interviewed by Ian Collins who I have come to know well over the years. The last time I was on his show, we talked about my book and I was mindful that we shouldn’t talk about Tom this time around. Similarly on my appearances on The Wright Stuff all last week. I don’t want to become known as the bloke with the kid. Nor be accused of opportunism.

So when I got in to the studio and Ian and his colleague, Will both launched in to…

‘Saw your son’s film, absolutely loved it…’

I was keen to nip the love-in in the bud.

‘Brilliant film – loved it – made me laugh my head off…’ Ian went on and I became confused.

Laugh? So far, no one has said that they laughed at The Impossible – a story based on such a cataclysmic natural disaster.

‘I watched it over and over.’ Ian continued with his colleague.

Again, this confused me. On twitter, I am aware of certain girls watching the film more than once but never men and grown men at that.

‘… and nothing like my journey to school, I can tell you…’

And then the penny finally dropped.

They were not talking about Tom’s film. I have four sons, one of whom, Harry entered a competition at school – to make a short film based on a journey. It appears that the eclipsed in the Holland household is spreading downwards through my boys.

Harry didn’t win – but he had great fun making this short film – and for those of you who missed it – here it is again…

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