This was no ordinary Friday…

A busy day in Edinburgh with Nikki, Sam, Paddy and Tess – dodging the rain and making final preps for my show Eclipsed starting tomorrow at the Voodoo Rooms, Ballroom.

The day began early with an appearance on GMTV. The piece in The Times made nice reading – thank you Dominic Maxwell – then a couple of radio interviews and more rain dodging and I am in to my technical run through in my venue.

Nikki is on audience liaison (assuming we have audience of course!) and Sam is working the sound and light decks for my get on. Like all my previous shows, Eclipsed is a show about my family life – but this time I have my family working on the show as well as inspiring it. About time I say…

From here, I rush across town to do a tiny preview in a vintage mobile cinema to gear change my links one last time.

On my way home I bump in to Clive Anderson on his way to his show at The Assembly Rooms (only in Edinburgh). We chat and catch up. Clive has seen today’s Times and he calls me a lucky bastard or words to this effect.

And now finally home.

I never thought I would play the fringe again but here I am – and the best thing is – that tonight is the night before – and I am I excited at the prospect of Eclipsed becoming a fringe show.

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