Time to think…

A flight yesterday from Hong Kong gave me plenty of time to think and reflect. A full 12 hours which actually felt much longer because in a moment of madness I opted to watch The Sweeney. Ray Winstone is an actor who laughs at the usual perils of male ageing. It seems that Ray is a man who just keeps on getting harder and harder. Lucky old Ray, I guess.

Needing some fresh air today, I joined my son on his paper-round – giving out the free local rag. Most front doors are now emblazoned with – NO JUNK MAIL – or something similar which I choose to ignore because these are not pizza leaflets. The free Guardian in my manor  (Ray speak) is ’60 pence when sold’. It is not junk and my lad is picking up a fiver for delivering them.

And as if to prove this point, this evening I sat in my kitchen with my own copy (round complete) and thumbed through it – and there staring at me was a face I recognised.

John Williams. I blogged about John just recently. He has a show called – MY SON IS NOT RAINMAN – a touching and comic tale about having an autistic son who happens not to be a genius. 

This is just a short post – and as much as I want this blog to entertain - I also want it to be useful – so I urge my readers to avoid watching The Sweeney – but do check the web site of John Williams and catch his show on tour or in Edinburgh.


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