Valentines Day Blues…

Bit of a landmark for team Holland today with my twins, Sam and Harry marking 20 years on planet earth. This is Motorola and Ericsson to the anyone who remembers my old stand-up routine.

“Nokia (Tom) – he’s hands free now… obviously.”

I remember doing that routine so clearly at The Comedy Store and elsewhere and it feels distinctly odd (and unnerving) that I am writing a blog today on their 20th birthday.

The 14th Feb – great timing then – Because it is the Valentines gift that keeps on giving and has saved me a fortune in flowers!

Much has been written by me about my boys and what they have provided me with. Stand-up routines and the story of Eclipsed most prominent.

But The Brothers Trust also. The charity we have been able to establish because of Tom and his prominent place in the world.

Through events we raise income which is then distributed to causes that chime with us and most usually to charities that might struggle to be heard.

The Empowerment Plan in Detroit is one such charity. They do remarkable work – making coats for homeless people which can turn in to sleeping bags – but the added benefit that these coats are made by homeless people.

To date, 30,000 coats have been distributed all over America and the world and including just recently where we live in London. And 65 people and their families, employed by The Empowerment Plan are now in permanent accommodation and off the streets.

The Brothers Trust was able to give this charity, £25,000 and as part of their thank you, they sent us 10 such coats – which have been distributed to people in need where we live.

Between now and the publication of my new novel, I,Gabriel, I intend to post a series of blogs and short stories on topics that are relevant. This is the first of these, since the story of I,Gabriel hinges on homelessness.

I, Gabriel – the new novel by Dominic Holland – coming May – but maybe June based on past experience I have with self-publishing and how fonts just change for no apparent reason and indents occur…

Coming soon enough, then!

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