Welcome home house and car owner…

Away for august – I had it in mind that ride London would commandeer my road and require all cars to be removed. I left keys and instructions with my eldest son which is a little like Fulham this season – pointless.

Anyway on the morning in question – my neighbour living opposite was woken at an unearthly hour by a truck of some description. Clambering out of bed – he witnessed my car being put on to a low loader. Highly alert, he did the neighbourly thing and reached for his mobile phone – to record the occasion and not to alert me – although he did save the video for me.

He did also don his dressing gown and charge outside to confront the man now dangling my car mid-air but he assured him that it would not cost the car owner anything to have to removed.

This turns out to be nonsense of course.

A £120 fine no less to accommodate an event I was not a part of – on a road where I already pay each year for the privilege to park my car.

Welcome home Mr Holland – we’ve missed you – now get your cheque book out…

car removal

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